How to Party Alone and Have Fun

Hasn't it ever happened to you that the weekend comes and you want to go out, but nobody signs up? And you stay home with the desire you had to party after a hard week of work. Have you not considered the idea of going out alone? Since no one signs up, you are not going to stay home without feeling like it when the night can bring you many surprises.
Well, you can go out alone; you have to put your will and courage into it. To do this, we are going to give you some tips on how to go out to party only on a Friday or Saturday night and discover that you don't have to miss a soiree if you want to go so much and that if what stops you is that they see you alone, know that you can hide it.

If You Go to a Bar

If you've never done it before and aren't sure how to act, the first advice we give you is to go to a trusted bar where you meet the owners, so you can have a drink and talk to them, so you don't feel so alone, and it doesn't seem like you are without talking to anyone. From there, there may be another person at the bar like you who you start a conversation with, and you can continue having your drinks, this time in the company, even if it is talking about banalities.

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If it goes well with the owners, extend the night until closing time and ask them where they go afterward. With the drinks that you have already had, you will look braver to join them or anyone in the bar.

If You Go to a Concert

If you don't even want to miss that concert, you were waiting for so much, for which you already have paid tickets, and it is one of your favorite groups, but no one is with you, we recommend that you go and do not miss it.

Keep in mind that in a room where everyone is standing and quite full, no one is going to notice whether you are alone or not, people may think that your friends are in the front row, next door, or at the bar, because at concerts they don't we are talking precisely but dancing.

Enjoy it, looking at the stage, and no one will notice your loneliness. We recommend that you enter just when it starts, and so you are not alone in those moments when it has not started yet, and people wait to chat.

How to party alone - If you go to a concert
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A party Where You Don't Know Anyone

You are invited to a party by a friend of a friend or your friend, but you don't know anyone, and you know that they are going to be busy serving everyone and you are going to see yourself alone. To not be glued to your host continuously and appear to be his shadow, you should wake up, so don't be shy and go to pour yourself a drink and talk to the first one you meet. Evaluate the house, the party, or the food and saying that you have come because you are a friend.

You can make a joke to start a smile and have them continue the joke; that way, you can go closer to them or others when you see that you are alone.

If You Go to a Pub

You want to go out, and the whole party is in the pub area. To enter only one of them, think that you are going to take one and leave. Nobody knows that you will be alone all night; you can adopt the attitude that you are waiting for someone, looking at the clock, looking at the door, or looking at the mobile phone.

You can have your drinks at the bar using your mobile until you look confident and dance to a song, for example. We recommend changing pubs when having one not to feel so alone, or this is perceived.

How to party alone - If you go to a pub
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If You Go to a Disco

If you go into a nightclub alone, the best thing is that you have rehearsed a little by going to a bar alone first, since you go to clubs a little later. To not go directly to them from home, go before to have a drink, and thus, you warm up.

Once you get to the disco, go to the bar to ask for something, it is where there are more people, and no one will realize that you are alone but that you are merely going to order a drink alone.

Avoid standing on a wall, but go to the dance floor and dance. Again, with music, it is not the best place to be talking but dancing, do the same and join groups that dance together with a smile, but without overwhelming or being sober. If you see that a person looks at you a lot and you like them, go over and talk to them, you may stop being alone tonight.

If You Go to a Work Event Alone

If you go to a congress alone and in the end, there is a closing party to celebrate the end of the event, go to it with your cards in hand and start a conversation with anyone you find taking food or drink. At the same time, you value the congress and its speakers with a lot of education.

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Distribute your card by introducing yourself without passing you or the number of people you give it to or talking about you. Do it if you see that you can have something in common to collaborate and keep moving around the room with a drink in hand and scanning the space. You can also approach the speakers and thank them for their speech.

How to party alone - If you go to a work event alone
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  • Don't dress too conspicuous if you go out alone and don't want it to be known. Neutral colors and jeans so as not to stand out from the rest.
  • Drink in moderation, in small sips, and not many glasses. There is nothing worse than a single person drunk.
  • If you talk to someone, do it without being heavy, a comment or two, and that's it unless you see that they are looking for your conversation.
  • Do not go generously inviting everyone because you do not feel alone, because it is too flashy and nobody usually does it just because.
  • Dance looking at people as if you are dancing with them. Approach the group if you feel invited with gestures or looks.
  • Carry money with you for event tickets and taxis. You never know where you can end up or who when you go out alone.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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