How To Make a Homemade Mask: Step By Step Instructions

In case you have a shortage of masks in your country and can't buy them in pharmacies, you can still buy masks in online stores, but they are sold in packs of 50 pieces, and the average price is a bit high.

After all, most people be allowed into public transport if there is no medical mask on the face. Here is the good news, you can make the mask yourself, at home. To do this, you will need a bandage, gauze, scissors, a thread with a needle, cotton wool, and, if desired, essential oils. Let us find out more.

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How To Make a Homemade Mask: Step By Step Instructions
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  • The easiest way is with a bandage. Measure 80 centimeters of bandage, cut, and fold in four. Use a needle and thread to stitch around the edges. Attach 4 60 cm bandages from the same bandage at the corners.
  • If it is impossible to sew the mask, then tie the strings with a knot to the ends.

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  • For more effective protection, you can put on a cotton pad. Just do not overdo it; a very dense layer can interfere with normal breathing.
  • The same bandage can be made from gauze. Since this is a denser material, 3 layers will be enough. Again, put a layer of cotton wool in the gauze mask.
  • Remember that homemade masks should be tied at the back of your head, not on your ears, for a snug fit. Masks must cover the chin, mouth, and nose.
  • You can walk in gauze and bandage masks for no more than 3 hours. They can be washed by removing the cotton wool first. Re-use is possible after thorough ironing.
  • Some doctors advise dripping a few drops of essential oil onto the mask, such as tea tree, juniper, fir, pine, and spruce. The main thing is that you do not have allergies and that you like the smell and do not cause disgust.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle