In The Fight Against Covid-19: Where To Get Vitamins D,C And Zinc

To prevent contracting COVID-19, you need to have strong immunity. To activate this, the body needs vitamins D, C, zinc, and selenium. Doctors advise filling your diet with foods containing these or taking them in pills.

Due to the excessive demand for vitamins from the warehouses, almost everything has been sold - pharmacists explain and reassure; delays in the delivery of new batches are temporary. Soon the entire "antiviral" range will return to the shelves of pharmacies.

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"The manufacturers of these medicines do not have time to produce them; for this, they need to buy a substance that is produced abroad. It needs to be delivered, planned production, delivered to the pharmacy, and the pharmacy will only be able to sell it later," comments the chairman of the pharmacy association Vladimir Rudenko on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine."

Ordinary fruits and vegetables can replace pharmacy vitamins. Immunologists advise those who eat poorly or have health problems to take "pharma." For example, 200 grams of minced beef, pork, or chicken will satisfy the body's daily requirement for zinc or 2 cups of baked beans. One vitamin C tablet can replace a handful of fresh or frozen berries.

In The Fight Against Covid-19: Where To Get Vitamins D,C And Zinc
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"There should be a balanced diet because, for example, meat and fish contain a sufficient amount of zinc. Also, the diet should have at least three fruits a day. Thus, you can get a sufficient amount of vitamin C", - comments the immunologist Alla Volokha in the program " Ranks with Ukraine

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How to replace vitamins in autumn

A monthly complex of vitamin D and zinc costs at least 150 hryvnias each. The cost of domestic vitamin C does not exceed 30 hryvnias. The main thing is not to prescribe vitamins to yourself, but to use them only after consulting a doctor because hypervitaminosis for the body is just as dangerous as a lack of vitamins.

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