How to Make a Car Air Freshener

Do you wish to alter the scent in your car? So you have two options: the first is to go to the supermarket to buy a chemical air freshener, and the second is to choose your favorite perfumes and create a car air freshener yourself.

The second choice is much more organic and personalized since you can choose your favorite aroma and create your car's ideal setting. This article explains in step-by-step fashion how to make a car air freshener. Do you dare to try it?

Steps to follow:

Step One

The materials you need to make a car air freshener are:

  • Paperboard
  • Cloth
  • Non-toxic glue suitable for paper and cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch or similar tool for making a hole
  • Ribbon, thread, cord; or a rubber band
  • Essential oil or a fragrance blend of oils of your choice
  • A pipette or dropper (optional)
  • Paper
  • Marker or something to draw

The main materials can be recycled, use an old cardboard box and an old aunt's dress. If you want. The typical design includes the shape of pine or tree. Any design you would like to do is fine. Draw just the outline of the shape on a sheet of paper

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How to make a car air freshener - Step 1
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Step Two

Once we have made the drawing of what our air freshener will be, we will have to cut out the template before place it on the fabric to cut two fabric pieces.

How to make a car air freshener - Step 2
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Step Three

The following step is to ensure that we give consistency to the homemade air freshener for the car, and, for this, we will have to place the template on the cardboard and cut a piece of cardboard.

How to make a car air freshener - Step 3
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Step Four

Next, you will have to glue the fabric to each side of the cardboard and let it dry.

How to make a car air freshener - Step 4
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Step Five

Carefully drip 10-20 drops of your chosen oil onto each side of the flavoring. Remember the rule for combining essential oils: the same number of drops for each scent. Let it dry.

How to make a car air freshener - Step 5
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Step Six

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Poke a hole in the top of the flavoring. Pass the ribbon over there and tie a knot. Hang the air freshener on the rearview mirror of your car. When you feel like it's no longer scenting your car, add a couple more drops of essential oil.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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