Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker

Graphic design is probably the most difficult and skill-intensive work that I've ever done. When looking for a design app to help me with my work, I always choose the Desygner App.

With so many design apps out there, why do I want to choose this graphic design maker? Desygner has tons of features that make my work a lot easier.

Apart from that, there are still so many things that the app offers. Find out what the app is all about, how to use it, how to download it, and more with the article below.

  • A Designer App Made for You
  • Tons of Features to Choose From
  • Why I Love Using the Desygner App
  • Unrestricted Access to Images
  • Thousands of Templates to Choose From
  • Create Your Own Professional Presentation
Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker
Image Source: Desygner - Design your awesome / YouTube

A Designer App Made for You

Desygner App is a graphic design app that lets artists create designs on mobile or tablet. The app features thousands of different layouts to choose from.

As I am one of the many who is just breaking into the industry of graphic design, this is an app that helps me create artistic and imaginative designs to wow my target audience.

The app has over 250,000 new users every month and it doesn't cost me a dime to download and use its features. The Desygner App helps me get started with over a thousand unique templates to get the ball rolling.

From logo designs to ads to social media posts, there are a lot of things that I can create on this app.

Downloading Desygner

The Desygner App is now available to download from the App Store and the Google Play Store for mobile devices and tablets. To get the app, just look for it in your app store and then touch the Install button.

While waiting, I often prepare and link my payment option to the app in case I want to unlock or purchase some exclusive features from the app later on.

Tap Open once the installation is finished and you can begin working on the app.

Tons of Features to Choose From

You might be asking why you need to choose the Desygner App above everything else. In addition to the standard features that many other graphic design apps are offering, the Desygner App offers even more.

Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker
Image Source: Desygner

I can do logo design and customize a wide range of logos for my brand or business. I can also make unique graphics, banners, and social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more which helps my clients build their business online.

I can even create eye-catching graphics for blogs and web posts that are very effective at capturing what the business represents.

When it comes to marketing materials, the Desygner App has it all. I can design posters, business cards, flyers, menus, letters, invoices, certificates, newsletters, email campaigns, and more.

Your Personal Stamp

The Desygner App is all about putting your personal stamp on your graphic designs. There aren't many design apps that let me make fun and personal designs but Desygner is an exemption.

I can create invitation cards for birthdays, weddings, engagements, and many other special occasions while also putting my personal touch into the design.

Photo collages are important when it comes to these occasions and the app gives me the ability to create one on the fly. If you want to test the waters in this industry, this is the app for you.

Why I Love Using the Desygner App

Now before I get into the features of Desygner, I like to share with you the reason why I love working on this app. The very first thing that captured my attention while I was searching for a graphic design app is that Desygner is free to use.

Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker
Image Source: Lifewire

I don't need to pay a single dollar to use the individual graphics or image packs. It is already available to use after I downloaded the app.

These image packs can be the start of any graphic designer's career. Many apps that I've previously used do offer some image packs but they are always very limited.

Desygner has all the necessary graphics and image packs that I need to start. It's a great app to use and I recommend it, especially to those who are newbies to graphic design.

Flexibility at Its Best

What I love about working on the Desygner App is its flexibility. One of the many reasons why I was looking for another graphic design app to work with is the lack of options that others provide. Sometimes, I want to work on my tablet and there are times that I want to work on my computer.

It's very inconvenient that I am stuck working on a design using my tablet and waiting to finish it before I can transfer it on my PC. With the Desygner App, I can create and edit designers from my phone or tablet and even on my PC.

This level of flexibility has given me a lot of ways to work. I can go out and work at the park and then continue to work on the design when I get home without having to transfer files from one device to another.

Unrestricted Access to Images

Another reason why I love working on the Desynger App is that I have access to millions of royalty-free images. This alone makes it a very useful app.

You'll never know how difficult it is to find the right image for your design and once you do, you still have to check if you're allowed to use it.

All the images found on the app can be used without the need to ask for permission. There are also free fonts and icons to use and the best part about it is that more is being added every day.

Imagine having all the freedom to pick and use the images, icons, and fonts that you like. The Desygner App feels so unrestrictive that I get to see how my art flourishes with more possibilities.

More Text and Graphics

Let's go ahead and talk about the features that I like when using the Desygner App. First, the option to add text and graphics to the images and photos is a great addition to the app.

There are instances that I want to add more effects on a certain design but most apps have limited options to do so. Imagine trying to finish a certain media post but it feels bland without the effects or the graphics that would make it flashier.

With the Desygner App, I have the choice to make more out of the design that I'm creating. This is such an underrated feature that is only available with Desygner.

Thousands of Templates to Choose From

Templates are another reason why I choose to use the Desygner App when creating social media posts or even book covers. There are over a thousand professionally-made and designed templates on the app.

Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker
Image Source: Desgyner

And while I have all the templates at my disposal, there are still instances that I want to make more personal.

The good thing about the templates available on the app is that I can modify them and add a bit more to fully personalize them.

I can even create my custom template and layout from scratch if I want to. That's how amazing this app is.

Share It with the World

Once I'm done with my design, there are a few things that I can do with the help of the app. I usually save all of my work on the computer since it has far more storage space than my tablet or phone.

But on those few occasions when I feel the urge to show off my creations, I can always share it with my friends through social media. The Share feature allows me to immediately publish my work on any social media platform.

I can also share it with my client or manager and ask for feedback and then work on the edits if there is a need for it. The level of convenience that the Desygner App offers should not be understated.

Create Your Own Professional Presentation

Most of the features that I'm talking about here center around crafting a good marketing design.

Desygner App - See How to Use this Graphic Design Maker
Image Source: Desygner

Creating and editing a professional-looking presentation is also one of Desygner's main strengths.

From capturing ideas using my phone to working on the details on my computer, I can create a streamlined presentation filled with dazzling designs that capture what I want to convey.

The Desygner App gives me the option to present directly on my phone.

Subscribe for Premium Features

The features that I've discussed above are just the basic ones that are included for free. I can unlock even more premium features that will truly help me expand my horizon.

For only $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year, I can avail myself of all the premium templates, colors, fonts, texts, image assets, and more.

The prices vary from country to country so make sure to check out the platform before purchasing.


Creating the perfect design with this app should not be difficult evenfor a newbie. When you use the Desygner App, you get all the features that you need to create the best and most personalized designs. Make sure that you download the app today.