How to Make a Car Smell Good

Making the car smell good is sometimes not easy, especially if you travel a lot and with children, eating inside the car. If you smoke inside the vehicle, it will be even more difficult for you.

In any case, good maintenance of the air conditioning and the follow-up of some cleaning rules regularly will help you achieve your goal. We will give you the answer to the question of how to make my car smell good.

Steps to follow:

Step One

One option to make your car smell good is to use an air freshener. However, many people find this smell too strong, and it can even provoke an allergic response in the form of coughing or sneezing if they are susceptible. In any case, these are some of the alternatives you have.

  • With dispenser
  • Pendants
  • Attached to the ventilation grille
  • Electrical
  • Ionizers

Step Two

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Often, the car's bad smell occurs because the air conditioning system is not being properly maintained, with the result that bacteria have proliferated, causing an unpleasant smell, especially when the air conditioning is turned on. Therefore, it is best to clean the air conditioning every 6 months, even applying a decontaminating product.

Step Three

If you want to make your car smell good, you should never smoke inside the car. This tiny cabin in which the tobacco smell will permeate is tough to eliminate afterward. If you are used to smoking, you will not notice the smell, but any occupant you carry will, with the consequent unpleasant sensation.

Step Four

To make your car smell good, pay close attention to the interior when washing the car. Since a product may have gotten in, pick up the mats that eventually causes a bad smell, and use a vacuum cleaner. If there are any stains, remove them with a spray bottle and a brush.

How to make your car smell good
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Step Five

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Besides not smoking, another basic recommendation to make your car smell good is not to eat in it. In addition to the very aroma that the food gives off and that will permeate the cabin, it is almost impossible to prevent any crumbs or other remains from falling on the seats or the floor.

Step Six

In any case, if you follow these recommendations to make your car smell good and you still notice a very unpleasant smell, some mechanical problem may be producing this unwanted effect. It would help if you went to your mechanic so he can identify the fault.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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