5 Useful Browser Extensions for Working With YouTube

Access hidden settings, manage subscriptions, disable ads, and other advanced features.

1. Enhancer for YouTube

One of the most popular universal extensions that adds a lot of cool features to the YouTube player. After installation, a small panel appears at the very bottom of the window with buttons for hiding ads, making use of the "Cinema" or "Picture in Picture" settings. There are other useful tricks like amplifying the sound, changing the speed, or looping a video section. Also, a lot of hotkeys are available for calling the specified functions.

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2. Magic Actions

Another multifunctional plugin, very similar to the previous one. Magic Actions also adds a panel of auxiliary actions to the player, including volume control by scrolling, forced switching on a given quality, and speed control. Magic Actions also allows you to fine-tune YouTube's behavior, starting from the theme of the design and ending with bypassing regional locks.

3. Improve YouTube!

Powerful Chrome extension that allows you to activate hidden YouTube settings, completely change the layout and interface elements, and use shortcuts for various actions. There is an incredible number of options, so they are categorized and configured from a convenient menu. Interesting features include adblocking with a whitelist for your favorite channels, a night mode with a blue filter, and a mini player.

5 Useful Browser Extensions for Working With YouTube
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4. Floating Player

A handy Chrome plugin that allows you to watch videos in a separate mini-player. Unlike the standard "Picture in Picture" feature of YouTube, this player is not tied to a tab or even a window - it is displayed on all desktops on top of other windows. You can resize and move it to any area of ​​the screen. Bonus: This works with videos on many other popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitch, and Netflix.

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5. Adblock for Youtube

A useful extension that will remove ad insertions from videos. It will come in handy if your standard blocker in the browser, for some reason, does not hide ads or does not completely. All you need to do is turn on the two toggle switches on the menu.

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