How To Identify A Toxic Relationship: Four Signs

Quarantine is a time of testing between relatives. Of course, it is better to resolve conflicts peacefully and look for options that partially satisfy both sides. But for some couples, quarantine, like a litmus test, showed all the relationship cracks. The psychologist told us how to recognize whether your relationship has deteriorated under stress in quarantine or if it has always been "toxic."

Infection with the virus threatens physical health, and toxic relationships threaten mental health. And you can't protect yourself from them with gloves and a mask. Emergency self-isolation has exacerbated conflicts in couples. And how to understand - your relationship deteriorated under quarantine conditions, or was it always unhealthy? It turns out there are at least four signs of toxic relationships.

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The first is parasitism

When you feel like a servant at home, and your partner is happy with it. He lives for his own pleasure and is not going to change anything. Check him.

"Tell me that from tomorrow you are going to serve only yourself, hold out in your resolve for several days. And you will understand a lot," psychologist Natalya Podlesnaya comments on the program "Ranks with Ukraine".

Inability to talk about problems as a couple

"When you try to talk, and a person does not want to talk about problems, it means that your comfort is not important to him. He is comfortable in your discomfort," the specialist explains.

How To Identify A Toxic Relationship: Four Signs
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In the meantime, you feel despair and helplessness because all your attempts to seek understanding are ignored. And this is even more poisonous.

The third sign is guilt

“You feel guilty every day for not being able to create good conditions for a person in quarantine,” the psychologist comments.

If guilt is constantly being imposed on you, it probably has been so before. Is it worth it to continue to be with such a partner? After all, it can take years of psychotherapy to get rid of the feeling of guilt.

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And the worst, fourth sign is when relationships are based on addiction

"If you depend on a partner because of an apartment or financially, and you are still constantly being told about this, reproached for being dependent, then this will continue after the quarantine," Natalya Podlesnaya said on the air of the Ukraine TV channel.

It is necessary to get rid of such dependence. Of course, this is difficult under quarantine conditions. But you should at least take the first steps; consult with a finance specialist or someone who can help you find a job. Strive for financial stability. Try to become self-sufficient and strengthen yourself from the inside; then, no toxic relationship will poison you.

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