How To Avoid Divorce During Quarantine

Quarantine and forced isolation within four walls for many married couples becomes a significant challenge. Crazy rhythm of life, you say. Does time pressure drive you with force majeure? How can you find time for hour-long conversations? Here you are. Life itself put all this "running in the wheel" on pause, gave time for communication with children and loved ones, parents and friends, for self-education, pumping the press, learning Japanese - for everything that we diligently put off for "when there is time." AND? What's the result?

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Before quarantine, we were not ready to do without cappuccinos, shopping, cinemas, and restaurant gatherings. We have forgotten how to communicate and entertain ourselves. And you still need to communicate with your partner and somehow organize your child's day. Collapse.

How To Avoid Divorce During Quarantine

What is happening will not leave anyone neutral. There will be couples who will be united by such a situation and bring their relationship to a new level of trust. But there will also be those who will not be able to go through this stage and keep the relationship.

If you understand that "your roof is about to collapse" and you must spend some time alone and change the picture at least for a little bit, change the atmosphere - allow yourself to escape from the world for a while. For a couple of hours. Trust me; your relationship is worth it.

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Ideally, stay tete-a-tete for this time. If your home conditions don't allow you to do this at all, you can escape, for example, to hotels such as Cherry Twins, where everything is created to restart relationships.

If a hotel or an hourly apartment is not on a budget right now or there is no way to leave household members unattended, try arranging a date at home, for example, when everyone else is asleep. Dress up, light candles, pour wine. Come up with a hot topic for conversation. Alternatively, you can write several notes with fantasies that everyone would like to discuss and pull out one to choose from.

Write each other romantic letters and then read them aloud.

Try to distract yourself from the surging problems, panic, tantrums, and look into each other's eyes. To see the spark that you once fell in love with. Give each other tenderness, care, attention, love. Talking together is much more enjoyable than grumbling and quarreling.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle