Spring Cleaning: 5 Rules To Do Everything Without Stress

Here we are, now the summer is around the corner, and the bogey of the moment presents itself, the spring cleaning. Home, garden, garage, and closets deserve some extra attention since the period is the right one to change the wardrobes, also throwing away the superfluous.

It goes without saying that to do everything in the best possible way and have a home that smells clean and in perfect order, you need to get organized. So let's plan a nice weekend together with the rest of the family to dedicate to things to do, creating a checklist from which all the jobs can be checked each time.

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So here are 5 golden rules to follow for effective and anxiety-free work:

1) All out

First of all, as with decluttering, it is necessary to have everything hidden in wardrobes, pantries, and closets under your eyes. In fact, it is not possible to think of cleaning every corner of the house well if some of these continue to be hidden behind mountains of stuff.

2) Programming makes everything easier

If your home has more than one room that requires deep cleaning, draw up a precise schedule of what needs to be done. This way, you do not risk getting lost along the way and gradually cross out what we have already done.

Spring Cleaning: 5 Rules To Do Everything Without Stress
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3) Divide the tasks

Spring cleaning is not the prerogative of the female angel of the hearth. Involve partners and children in housework, assigning each of the tasks that it can perform optimally.

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4) Smart purchases

To clean domestic and outdoor environments well, you don't just need rags, buckets, and detergents. You also do some "smart" shopping in household goods stores, such as boxes, vacuum bags to set aside blankets and duvets without taking up too much space, tags where you can write what we put and where.

5) Throw away what is not needed

One of the biggest stressors of spring cleaning is being with so much stuff you have trouble storing. Try to have the courage to throw away old or damaged things and give away what is still in good condition. Less is more and having fewer things in between also helps to live better.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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