How to Grow Hair: 5 Simple Tips That Will Definitely Help

Forget about extensions, miracle pills, and salon treatments.

1. Don't wash your hair every day

We wash away dirt, styling products, and sebum with shampoo, which moisturizes and protects the skin and hair. Therefore, due to frequent washing, the hair weakens, loses its natural shine, and is more vulnerable to damaging external causes.


Also, the hair gets dirty very quickly. After all, it turns out that every day we wash off our protective covering, and the skin becomes stressed. Because of this, sebum begins to be produced in excess. Consequently, we create a vicious cycle for ourselves.

Experts recommend gradually increasing the intervals between treatments. Ideally, you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week, but not every day.

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2. Use sulfate-free shampoos

This product should not contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). Instead of sulfates, which form the foam, the sulfate-free shampoo contains natural ingredients. That is why it cleans more gently than usual and does not wash out sebum so much.

True, these shampoos have a drawback. They don't foam well. But after using it a few times, you'll become used to it.

Whichever shampoo you choose, remember: you only need to apply it to the roots. For the rest of the length, the amount of product that will drain with water will be enough.

3. Refuse hot water

Lower the temperature, at least during rinsing. The cool water closes the scales, which makes hair less frizzy and looks healthy and shiny.

Also, remember to use a conditioner. These products also seal the scales. And the balm doesn't just make the hair smooth but also fills it with useful oils, proteins and minerals.

How to Grow Hair: 5 Simple Tips That Will Definitely Help
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4. Nourish and moisturize hair with masks

Hair masks should be applied frequently, at least a few times per week. But if the ends are dry and split, then you can carry out an intensive recovery course and use the mask more often.

How to choose a store hair mask

Choose a mask that says “nourish,” “moisturize,” or “restore” on the packaging. Don't rely on products that promise "irresistible shine" and "incredible glow."

As for the composition, it should contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Additionally, the label's listed order is important. If you see oil, but it is placed at the very end of the list, then this component is insignificant in the mask.

Apply the mask first to the ends and then distribute along the hair's length stepping back about 10 cm from the roots. You should not rub the mask into the root; they do not need such strong moisture. A mask from a cosmetic store usually needs to be kept for up to 30 minutes. Therefore, follow the instructions, and do not rush to wash it off; let the beneficial ingredients soak into your hair.

How to make homemade hair masks

You can also make the mask yourself. Better to use recipes proven by moms and grandmothers. You will need 1 glass of slightly warmed low-fat kefir. It needs to be rubbed into the roots and distributed over the entire length of the hair. To enhance the effect, you can wear a hat. Leave the kefir on your head for 30-40 minutes, then after that, wash it with warm water. You may rinse your hair with shampoo if you'd like.

A honey mask is another effective treatment. Combine egg yolk, 1 spoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to clean hair and rinse off after an hour.

5. Use hair oils

Hair oil has long been regarded as a must-have. Apply this product to damp hair or dry hair after styling. It noticeably nourishes the ends, closes the scales, gives the hair density, and a healthy appearance.

Only when choosing a multi-component oil, be careful. Read the ingredients carefully and focus on natural ingredients. The fact is that some products do not contain natural oils. Yes, they will make your hair shiny, but not for long. There won't be any deep hydration for you.

As for the application, the main thing here is not to overdo it. Only a few drops of oil are required. It is better to grind the product in your palms and only then distribute through the hair.

Well, nourish and restore hair with pharmaceutical oils such as almond, burdock, grape or apricot seeds, and coconut. The benefits of the latter are proven scientifically. During the study, it turned out that the molecules of coconut oil molecules are so small that they can penetrate the hair and improve the hair's appearance.

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True, you will have to tinker with the usual oil from the pharmacy. Apply the product to damp hair, mainly the ends, and keep it on for a couple of hours. You can use a towel wrapped around your head or a special cap to increase the effect. The heat will speed up the oil. Then rinse your hair with shampoo and style.

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