5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face

These will help to visually stretch the oval shape of your face if you have long dreamed about it.

What to consider when choosing a haircut for a round face

The perfect haircut is the one you like. But if you want to narrow the face visually, it is best to concentrate on a few things. Here goes.

  • Oblique bangs and side parting. Diagonal lines crossing the face visually lengthen it. A straight bang and a parting in the middle, on the contrary, create horizontal lines and expand the oval.
  • Volume at the roots. Raised hair changes the proportions between length and width. This stretches the face.
  • Elongated strands on the sides. The hair that frames the face covers the cheekbones and cheeks. This makes it already.

Here are some haircuts that are perfect for a round face.

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1. Cropped pixie

5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face
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This choice is appropriate for women with an angular chin. A haircut lengthens the neck by keeping the hair short towards the back of the neck and looking smooth and pointed at the sides. The slanting bangs visually stretch the face.

If you want to try a pixie, ask your hairdresser not to use a clipper. Have him use the scissors over the comb technique. Then the ends of the hair will look softer. Pixies need to be tweaked every four to six weeks. Home styling does not take much time. Dry the strands by combing them first forward and left, and then forward and right. Then apply a smoothing serum.

2. Textured bob

5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face
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If your hair is naturally non-curly, ask your hairdresser to trim it with a razor and then thinning scissors for textured ends. At home, you can experiment with styling. For example, try curling with a curling iron or iron.

3. Bob with a side part

5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face
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The strands laid on the side distract attention from the symmetry of the face. And the length of the hair a few centimeters below the chin visually stretches the oval. At the hairdresser, ask not to blunt the ends. Let the strands look a little flaky.

To style your hair at home, apply mousse to the roots, tilt your head forward, and blow-dry. You can make a light wave with an iron.

4. Elongated graduated square

5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face
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Smooth and shiny curls give the feeling of polished hair. Graduated strands that fall below the collarbone stretch the face. If your hair is fine, ask your stylist to create graduated strands in the front only. If thick - only behind. To style, use a round brush to blow-dry your hair. If desired, you can use a shine serum and an iron to polish the ends.

5. Cascade

5 Best Haircuts for Women with a Round Face
Image source: Nina Buday / Shutterstock

The multi-layered haircut is suitable for girls with medium and long hair. The shortest strands fall below the jawline. They shift attention to the neck, and the elastic volume at the crown works to lengthen the face.

Tell your stylist that you want to narrow the shape of your face a little. Let the master maintain volume at the base of the hair. Ask to trim the ends with thinning scissors. This will visually create additional texture.

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If you decide to get this haircut, get ready for a daily style. To make the cascade look good, apply the mousse to damp hair and then blow-dry. In this case, you need to use a round brush with bristles. Finally, apply a volumizer to the roots.

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