How To Eat Oysters: A Guide From An Etiquette Expert

It would seem that you cannot press on the mollusk with your teeth, but only swallow it in one gulp, that you can push it into your mouth only with the help of your lips, in extreme cases, with a fork, and that you must drip lemon juice on the oyster before consumption. But we managed to find out that many are deeply mistaken when they say - I can eat oysters. Together with etiquette expert Maria Gritsay, we reveal secrets.

So, the restaurant and before us is a beautiful tray of oysters, which lie on ice, paired with lemon wedges. On the table is a plate, a two-pronged fork, sauce. By the way, by the end of the 19th century, the oyster fork became obligatory cutlery, without which it was considered indecent to eat an oyster. Now its role is auxiliary; it is used to separate the mollusk from the shell wall.

As a rule, in establishments, oysters are served open and separated from the shells; we have to eat.

If you are going to a restaurant and try oysters for the first time, then they are usually ordered at 6 for each. Still, this product requires preparation; it is unknown how the body will react to the first oyster time. For the same purpose, choose a smaller oyster.

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How To Eat Oysters: A Guide From An Etiquette Expert
Photo: Іnstagram / oysters

As for sprinkling the oyster with lemon or a few drops of sauce, the experts are unanimous - your debut oyster should be "naked, without lemon and sauces."

Action plan

  • Take the shell in your left hand, between the thumb and the first two fingers, hold for a couple of seconds.
  • Take a two-pronged fork right and carefully tear the clam from the shell if the cook did not do it for you.
  • Squeeze a lemon on it or drip the sauce that is on the table
  • Bring the shell to the mouth with its narrower side.
  • If the oyster doesn't give way, you can help it with your finger. This is allowed
  • Suck the oyster, and here it is important - to press on it with your teeth.
  • Many people claim that these mollusks need to be swallowed quickly. But that way, you won't taste their true taste.
  • Experts insist; get a couple of mild bites and then swallow.

Instructions for beginners No. 2. When the oyster "entered"

How To Eat Oysters: A Guide From An Etiquette Expert
Photo:, Maria Orlova
  • In this case, you continue to enjoy them, already sprinkling them with lemon juice.
  • It is recommended to wash down oysters with dry white wine.
  • The empty sink should be turned upside down. These are the rules of restaurant etiquette.

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PS. If you happen to sit at the same table with true connoisseurs of oysters, here are the words they love to exchange while eating shellfish.

About the taste: salty oyster, sweetish, with a melon or metallic flavor

About texture: hard, buttery, soft

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle