How to Crush Cookies

The graham crackers are a prevalent ingredient in the preparation of cakes and all kinds of pastries, and, although we can use them whole, we need to crush the biscuits on many occasions.

A good example is the preparation of pie bases for which the biscuit powder is compacted with butter and a great consistency is achieved. For this reason, we want to explain two alternatives to learn how to crush cookies.

Steps to follow:

Step One

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The cookie crumbs or crushed are very useful when preparing desserts, especially preparing different base cakes: cheese, three chocolate, apple, etc. By mixing them with butter, we can get a dough that, when baking, it will be compact on which the remainder of the ingredients will be poured.

How to Crush Cookies - Step 1
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Step Two

In this way, when grinding the cookies, we can choose any small appliance that fulfills the crusher function:

  • Blender: either with the normal armor with a specific accessory to chop food.
  • Mincer
  • Blender: although it should be noted that it tends to cake the cookies and the result will not be so good.

Whenever you use any of these elements to crush the cookies, you should add the cookies little by little, never all at once, because the machine could get stuck.

Similarly, if you have it, it is also possible to crush the cookies in the Thermomix; Although each machine may have its specific characteristics that will vary the process, the most common is to use speed 4 to chop cookies.

How to Crush Cookies - Step 2
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Step Three

If none of the aforementioned appliances are available to you, you can also crush the cookies by hand with the help of a rolling pin or a wooden mortar, not marble or stone.

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To make it easier for you, we suggest putting the whole cookies in a small plastic bag and hitting it later with the kitchen utensil in question.

If you are using a rolling pin, in addition to hitting it, you can put the bag on a flat surface and roll it over it. Likewise, you can keep the cookies that you have left in the knotted bag so that they do not soften.

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