How To Combat Back Pain

The origin of back pain, in most cases, is the lifestyle that we live. First of all, the sedentary life; too many hours spent sitting in the office, in the car, the poor habit of walking, are all factors that generate a series of muscular tensions which, combined with incorrect postures, are the main cause of back pain.

Once, unfortunately, we are faced with the disorder, it is not wise to immediately seek the solution to our physical activity pain. Waiting for the discomfort to pass is the first step, then you need to see a doctor, who can advise us which types of sporting activities are best suited to solve our back pain and which, on the contrary, could make it worse.

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To prevent back pain may be sufficient in stretching, elongation, and muscle strengthening, particularly in the area of the abdominal and back extensors. If done correctly and regularly, these exercises greatly reduce the possibility of being a back pain victim. In addition to all, they do not require a lot of time to perform, nor special equipment, at most a gymnastic mat, so they can easily be done at home.

How To Combat Back Pain
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Of course, the ideal would be to practice specific physical activity in the gym so that you can always be under the coach's watchful eye, who will immediately correct any of our mistakes in the exercises' execution.

Even gyms have had to deal with this disorder; many people, in fact, sign up to do specific activities against back pain. Faced with such a question, a series of special courses were born, in which the exercises, generally free body, are aimed in particular at restoring well-being to the back.

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However, the first rule against back pain is prevention; pay attention to your posture, especially when we have been sitting for a long time, but also when we find ourselves having to carry, for example, the shopping from the supermarket; it is better to divide into two bags. Holding one in each hand, rather than a single heavier bag, would force us into unnatural and harmful positions.

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