Closet Decluttering: How To Do It Without Wasting Time

The decluttering of the wardrobe leaves no way out: sooner or later, at the change of season or when we can no longer find anything in the mass of clothes, we have to tidy up the wardrobe and declutter the clothing: let's see how to do it in a few easy steps.

The meaning of closet decluttering is to throw away what we don't need and sort and organize clothes. According to the KonMari method, tidying up clothes is the step to put things in order.

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Here are the tips for decluttering and tidying up the wardrobe.

  • First, survey the spaces you are going to use. Yes, if you have little space for clothes, you can take advantage of those areas that otherwise remain empty, such as the inside of the wardrobe where you can insert shelves or the area under the bed to add a DIY chest of drawers.
  • If you can, tidy up all the clothes in one session, otherwise go by category, as Marie Kondo suggests.
Closet Decluttering: How To Do It Without Wasting Time
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  • For each dress, ask yourself if you will actually wear it or put it in the Kondo way if it gives you joy. If the answer is affirmative, put it aside, but in a specific area of ​​the bed or room, that is, put all the shirts in one corner, all the dresses in another corner, all the shirts in another, and so on.

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  • If, on the other hand, you no longer want to keep that garment, decide whether to sell it or donate it and place it in the relevant area or a large envelope.
  • Another alternative is to recycle clothes, especially those that are damaged or have a second life. In fact, you can reuse the fabric to do creative jobs, for example for decoupage, or for cleaning, or you can decorate the garments or modify them. To create new looks.
  • To declutter the wardrobe, decide where to store what, also based on the spaces you had identified before the actual rearrangement.

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