How to Clean Plastic Garden Furniture

The furniture tends to get dirty much as they are exposed to the weather and accumulate dirt when not in use, as it can be during the winter.

That is why it is important to take care of them to be kept in optimal conditions and look beautiful in our garden or terrace, so we want to explain some tips on clean plastic garden furniture.

Steps to follow:

Step One

It is common to keep garden furniture stored during the year when we do not use it. It will be unnecessary to leave it all winter in the rain, cold, and other weather phenomena that will only spoil your furniture.

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Therefore, it will be important that you store the furniture in a place where it will not disturb you and - if possible - under cover or at least covered with some plastic or canvas that prevents it from deteriorating. However, it will be common for them to end up full of dust and other dirt types, so it will be necessary to clean them thoroughly before use when the good weather arrives.

Step Two

Thus, to clean plastic garden furniture, you first have to use a dry cloth or cloth to remove dust from chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture. If you have a hose connected to a tap, you can also choose to remove this type of dirt with pressurized water; However, remember to do it at a safe distance not to damage the furniture or splash yourself excessively.

How to Clean Plastic Garden Furniture - Step 2
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Step Three

Next, you will need to prepare a mixture of equal parts of water and white vinegar to make your garden furniture shine. And it is that this natural product has a great cleaning power and that is why it is used to keep a large number of surfaces clean.

We suggest reading our article on how to clean with vinegar to discover more about it. Likewise, you must know that vinegar is a totally natural product and, by using it, you will not damage your furniture. You will also be helping to respect the environment.

Step Four

If they are filthy, sticky, or greasy, we recommend cleaning your garden furniture with ammonia diluted in water, as it will be able to remove the most stubborn dirt easily. You can also add a jet of dish soap to the mixture.

Remember that this cleaning product is highly toxic, so you should be extremely careful when using it and avoid making contact with mucosal membranes - such as the nose and eyes - to avoid irritating.

How to Clean Plastic Garden Furniture - Step 4
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Step Five

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If you have this tool, you can also use a high-pressure cleaning machine (also commonly known as Karcher because it is the most representative brand) to wash the furniture. This way, you will save time. This solution will be appropriate if the furniture is very dirty or clean, a lot of furniture.

More Tips

  • Once the items are dehydrated, put them away and cover them with an old sheet to avoid getting dusty.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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