How to Clean Wicker Furniture

The wicker furniture is regular garden furniture, bringing a touch of warmth very appropriate. However, the braided wicker fibers that make up this furniture are a nest for dust if we don't know how to clean them.

If this furniture is dirty, it will look sad and dull. So you can avoid it, in this article we show you how to clean wicker furniture.

Steps to follow:

Step One

If the wicker furniture you want to clean is varnished, you need to use a steam cleaner to clean it. If, on the contrary, your furniture has a natural finish, follow the steps that we explain below.

Step Two

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The first thing to do is make sure to remove all the dust from the wicker furniture. You can help yourself with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt accumulated between the fibers.

How to clean wicker furniture - Step 2
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Step Three

The next step you should take to clean your wicker furniture is to prepare a mixture of hot water and soap. Put the mixture in a sprayer to avoid over-wetting the furniture and use a cloth to clean the entire furniture.

How to clean wicker furniture - Step 3
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Step Four

If necessary, use a soft bristle brush to make the cleaning more thorough. Make sure to always pass the brush in the same direction as the wicker not to damage it.

Step Five

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Once clean, it is time to leave the wicker furniture to dry in a place where the air flows, but does not receive direct sunlight.

Step Six

To finish, and once the furniture is dry, you can give it varnish finish if necessary. In this way, your old wicker furniture will look like new.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo