How to Remove Gum from Furniture

If you have found some gum stuck in the furniture, under tables, or in your upholstery and you do not know how to remove it, here is the solution. This problem is widespread, especially if you have children.

That is why we explain how to remove chewing gum from the furniture. In this article, you will learn some useful tricks to remove chewing gum easily.


How to Remove Gum from Furniture: Cold or Ice

Before removing a gum, you should bear in mind that if the chewing gum melts on the furniture or especially on the upholstery, it will be more difficult to remove. The following trick will work wonders if the part that the gum is attached to can easily separate.

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If so, put these small parts in a freezer. After a couple or three hours, use spatula to remove the gum. Remember not to use this trick if the parts of the furniture are or contain electronic elements.

For the parts that cannot be refrigerated, put ice on a towel, and apply the cold to the gum. After a few minutes, remove the gum with the spatula. The cold will make the gum come off the furniture more easily. Get the hang of it!

How to remove gum from furniture - How to remove gum from furniture: cold or ice
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How to Remove Gum from Furniture: Heat or Hot Water

The opposite effect to cold, that is, heat can also be used to remove chewing gum from the furniture. Boil water and apply it with a damp cloth to the gum. This will soften the gum. After a few minutes, take a knife or a toothbrush and scrape the gum to remove it. Be careful not to use this method on the most delicate furniture.

This trick is great for metal or plastic surfaces. If the gum is in the upholstery and the fabric is sturdy, apply heat to it by ironing it at medium heat. Do not apply the heat directly. It is better to turn the fabric inside out and put cardboard on the part where the gum is. This will ensure that the gum sticks to the cardboard and is removed from the upholstery.

How to remove gum from furniture - How to remove gum from furniture: heat or hot water
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How to Remove Gum from Furniture: Thinner or Vinegar

Although less usual, we can also remove gum stuck with solvents. Be very careful with this trick, as the furniture could easily be damaged. Apply the liquid to the gum and let it work for a few minutes. If you look closely, you will notice that the gum starts to peel off little by little.

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At that time, use a toothbrush and scrape the gum until it is completely removed. If there are remains or stains on the furniture, you can use your usual stain remover to clean the surface.

If you don’t trust the solvent because you think it will damage your furniture, you can use vinegar. Heat the vinegar and apply it to the gum. Scrape the region with a toothbrush to remove the gum. Follow this tip and forget about gum!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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