How To Clean Pillows

Cushions usually have latex, natural or synthetic fiber filling. Every day they should be exposed to the air and the sun; thus, which makes their getting back into shape is easier, and part of the mites present are eliminated.

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The cushions should only be washed when extremely necessary as the fabric that covers them could be affected by frequent washing. As a guideline, it is advisable to wash the cushions a couple of times a year. They can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (be careful not to overload the washing machine because a wet pillow is very heavy). Never dry clean a pillow as it is difficult to dissolve all the toxic fumes from the filling.

How To Clean Pillows
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To wash a pillow at home, proceed as follows.

- Soak the pillow in the bathtub or a large basin with soapy water; you can use soap flakes or a mild detergent,

- Rinse the pillow in hot water by pressing it firmly towards the bottom many times.

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- To dry it, expose the pillow to the sun and air or pass it for a few seconds in the dryer.

Do you want to see if it's time to change your pillow? Place it horizontally on your forearm; if it keeps its shape, it means that it is still valid, while if it sags at the ends, it means that it is time to buy a new one.

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