Encrusted Barbecue Grills: How To Clean Them In Minutes

Cleaning the encrusted barbecue grills can become fast and easy with the tricks and ingredients below. The ideal method would be to clean them immediately to prevent the encrusted dirt from becoming stubborn. To treat it, first of all, soften the encrustations. Otherwise, you risk wasting time, having a lot of effort, and scratching the grids.

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If necessary, you can finish the cleaning with soap and water.

Before grilling, brush the grills with oil.

Alternatively, you can put the barbecue grates caked in soapy water and allow them to soak for 15 to 20 minutes, then clean them to remove residue.

Encrusted Barbecue Grills: How To Clean Them In Minutes
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You can also cover them with baking soda, add some water, and clean them with this kind of batter.

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Another natural ingredient you can use to soften and clean encrusted barbecue grills is white vinegar. In a spray bottle, pour equal quantities of water and vinegar; spray the mixture on the grids and leave on for about ten minutes to soften the encrustations, then complete the cleaning, even with pure vinegar.

Choose the cleaning method based on the time and size of the grids. However, you can also do a test to see the effect of products and ingredients on your grills and still do an additional clean when they heat up before oiling and cooking.

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