How To Build A Children's Tent In The Garden

Putting up a children's play tent outdoors can be a valid alternative to an indoor playhouse that is ideal for summer days. It is simple to make and also very economical. Just indulge yourself with bamboo canes and scraps of cloth or colored sheets.

The idea is to reproduce a teepee, the tent made of cloth, bark, or animal skins typical of the Native Americans of the Northern Great Plains. The nomadic group found in this type of tent, a model that was easy to build and carry with them whenever they moved to different areas. The simplicity in construction will make the activity fun for both parents and children.  

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You will need

3 bamboo cane sticks of the same length, 1 cloth, string to taste, markers and tempera, scissors, clothes pegs (optional).

How To Build A Children's Tent In The Garden
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- Arm yourself with bamboo canes to buy at the nursery or garden shop. 

Tie the rods on one side with the string and space the other ends of the poles to stabilize the structure.

- Children decorate the cloth with markers or tempera according to their tastes.

- Let the cloth dry.

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- Make a large enough hole by cutting the fabric in the center of one of the longer sides with scissors.

- Insert the three tied poles into the hole and arrange the sheet so that it is taut.


Do the children want a more intimate environment? Just use clothes pegs; children can create a closed environment to organize games and pastimes without being disturbed too much by adults.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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