How to Save on Clothes Without Sacrificing Style

How to make shopping smarter

The easiest way is to save on clothes without buying anything new. However, not everyone is ascetic. There is nothing wrong with trying to look attractive, follow fashion or, on the contrary, ignore it and build your own complex style. And that involves shopping. But in order for the purchases to be meaningful and to justify every ruble invested in them, preparatory work needs to be done.

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Disassemble the wardrobe

Using the phrasing: "There is nothing to wear, there is nowhere to fold," means you have a lot of unnecessary things in your closet. And you don't have an excellent idea of ​​what is going on in your wardrobe. As a result, bring duplicates of existing items or items that do not match anything from the store. And so, we are throwing away money. Therefore, you need to remove:

  • What is small or large for you. If your weight, for some reason, walks back and forth, it is not necessary to get rid of unsuitable things - it is enough to separate them from the actual ones.
  • What doesn't suit you? This refers primarily to comfort and fit. It happens that the waist or grooves are a little out of place. So the thing looks good on you, but not as good as it could. As a result, hands do not reach her, and clothes from this category lie dead weight.
  • What you don't like anymore. It's a pity to get rid of such things, but you will not actively wear them anyway.

As a result, you should have clothes that fit you in size, fit well, you feel comfortable and confident in them.

Makeup kits

The creative process begins: you have to find the maximum possible number of combinations of existing things. In reality, you can apply each top to each bottom, select shoes and accessories for the set, and then photograph the resulting images.

Or vice versa: take a photo of each item separately, crop the background and make collages already on the computer. Taking pictures is highly desirable in any case. Otherwise, you will forget everything.

The point is to see how your clothes are stacked. Do not dwell on the familiar, try bold combinations. Check out Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.


In the process, you will surely come across the fact that something is missing in your closet. And that something can be an important element that will greatly expand the possibilities of your wardrobe. For example, it turns out that a white T-shirt, satin top, or leather skirt can pull together many disparate items.

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Such missing items should be included in the shopping list for the future. These are new expenses, which are contrary to the principles of the economy. However, it is rational to have such a list: why there is nothing to wear and nowhere to add will disappear. This can save you from bouts of shopaholism out of desperation. But, of course, it will not give guarantees.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Life hacker