Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Using These Tips

Here are some decorating tips to make a small bathroom appear larger. You don't have to expand the bathroom's surface to make better use of space and make it appear larger.

It is enough that you have in mind the following ideas (some of them are merely aesthetic; others require more extensive reforms ), so below, we are going to give you four recommendations to make your bathroom appear larger.

Light it Up Well

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Install adequate lighting to eliminate shady corners. Create a false height effect by focusing on low voltage indirect light towards the ceiling. Allow passage of natural light greater than we have today that will make your bathroom seem huge. You can achieve it by installing a window instead of the banners.

How to make a bathroom look bigger
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Reduce China or Replace it With a Smaller One

Replacing the bathtub with a corner shower or removing a bulky vanity to put an elegant glass sink in its place will give you a lot of transparency and a feeling of space.

Eliminate Physical and Visual Overload and Avoid Mixing a lot of Materials

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The key is the unity of tones and materials, choosing a material such as tiles for the floor and tile for the walls or using uniformity of tones in the materials. If the ceramics have a motif or drawing that is small in scale; Avoid ruffled curtains or ornaments.

Use Mirrors

Large mirrors are deceiving and make small spaces appear much larger. In a bathroom, you can use large mirrors to make the walls look like windows or reflect natural light.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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