9 Things Not Worth Apologizing For

Well-mannered people strive to apologize to others, even when it is completely unnecessary. Let us find out more.

1. Taking care of yourself

Since an early age, we have heard this so often: “'I' is the last letter of the alphabet,” that many people have it imprinted in the subcortex of the brain. For these people, completely natural concern for themselves and their own good has become shameful and unworthy. Although without this property, it is impossible to live any successful life.

You shouldn't offer your life as a sacrifice on the altar of selflessness, because most often, it only goes to the detriment of the people “happy” by you.

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2. Expression of emotions

9 Things Not Worth Apologizing For

We are used to feeling embarrassed for crying or laughing. However, this is a completely natural manifestation of the fact that you have a heart and soul, which, perhaps, is more than the owners of the calm grimace stuck at all times.

You can feel sad, fun, bored, carried away, you are a living person. Why hide it?

3. Forgiveness

Only people with huge hearts have the ability to forgive. And let everyone around you be surprised that you are shaking hands with your enemies or did not finish off the enemy when there was a great opportunity for this; you should not worry. Don't be too violent just because someone expects it from you.

4. Beliefs

A person with convictions commands respect. A person with convictions who do not hide them and can stand up for them is doubly respected. The presence of firm principles in our time is such a rare and valuable quality that one should definitely not apologize for.

5. Dissimilarity

9 Things Not Worth Apologizing For

It's not weird at all to be weird. On the contrary, it's strange when a group of people looks, thinks,, and feels the same. If you are fortunate enough to be different, then this is no reason to be ashamed. Perhaps this is your main advantage.

6. How and with whom you spend your time

Time is the only value that is truly worth cherishing. And it would not be too prudent to waste this precious resource, guided by people's opinion people'scompletely outside of you. Lying on your deathbed, you, most likely, will not regret that you worked so little but will remember the time you spent with loved ones, friends, in interesting places, for your favorite activities.

7. Failures

Oh, this is a favorite phobia of many people! The fear that you will try and fail, and everyone around you will scoff at you. They will remember this forever, and the shame for this failure will haunt you for the rest of your life.

But before you huddle in the darkest corner, imagine this picture.

Here you are - the person who tried and failed. And here is another, one who was afraid to even try. So which one of you should apologize to?

8. Youth

Yes, each of us has moments in the past that we cannot be proud of. Why are we there? Look through the greats' biographies - their such facts sometimes emerge that the hair stands on end.

Youth is intended for this, to commit madness and try this life to the teeth. All wise older adults used to be young and stupid; they did stupid things and, perhaps, this is how they gained wisdom. No one has escaped this path in their life, so there is no need to be ashamed of it.

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9. Appearance

Another source of complexes for many people. And how can we not be complex when the covers of fashion magazines and the fashion industry obsessively drum into us the correct style canons? Not everyone succeeds in meeting them.

Yes, an overweight, unfashionably dressed person can make you smile. But this person will attract even more attention if he becomes convulsively complex about his appearance. Therefore, if your relationship with fashion and beauty did not work out, then relax and score. Look at this lady, isn't she beautiful?

Constant attempts to justify yourself in front of others can lead to the fact that you miss out on a unique chance to be yourself, with all your weaknesses and advantages. You will spend your whole life in a state of deep defense, defending yourself against the invented claims of society. However, this tactic is unlikely to lead you to success because only the one who goes forward and does not apologize at every step for its wins.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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