How To Overcome Fear Of Failure And Start Moving Towards Your Goal

All successful entrepreneurs are people like everyone else. It is tempting to attribute their success to the presence of superpowers. But in reality, they have a different approach to solving problems and overcoming fear.

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“Everyone I know has fear at times. This is not always noticeable, especially when looking at senior executives and inventors. But fear is a natural reaction of the body to the unknown when we do not know the outcome of an event and are worried that it will lead to negative consequences, ”says Adam Grant, the most popular professor at the Wharton School of Business, as well as a management consultant in companies such as Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, and the NBA.


According to Adam, one of the most important tips for overcoming fear he received from talented inventors in technology; Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Larry Page, and many others. He wondered what it would be like to launch Google, as Page did, or invent booster rockets, as Musk did. They all said something like this: “I was really terrified that this might not work. But I do not want to torment myself with the idea that my idea can lead to disastrous results. I want to create something really worthwhile and useful".

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure And Start Moving Towards Your Goal
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In other words, the fear of failure was less fear of what would happen if they didn't even try.

We often think that if we fail, we will be ashamed. But in the end, what we regret most is not what we did, but our inaction at times when we could have taken a chance or taken a risk.

Adam Grant

We can learn an extraordinary trick from these famous entrepreneurs. It consists of mentally moving into the future and imagining that you have not dared to take a step. What happens if you give up on the goal? Tell yourself, “Yes, the idea might fail but I would rather fail, having convinced myself of this, than not even try to bring it to life. "

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“A lot of people try to run away from fear, ” says Adam Grant. "But it's much more effective to accept it and try to figure out what's bothering you and how you can fix it."

The next time you feel scared to do something, remember Adam's advice. Then, in the future, you won't need to regret missed opportunities.

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