7 Ways How Your Body Shows You Are Unhappy

The lack of some hormones that help us feel happy can lead to depression and other complications. The bodily symptoms listed below may point to low amounts of "happiness hormones" in your system.


Low serotonin levels can cause insomnia, which also also causes mood changes.  People who experience constant stress, depression, and inactivity are prone to insomnia.

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Low level of empathy

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Studies have found a connection between empathy and oxytocin. This hormone affects our mood, and if you find it difficult to empathize with other people, you may be missing oxytocin.

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Weight gain

Lack of dopamine can lead to weight gain. You may be attracted to sweets and unhealthy foods and overdose. This is due to the fact that you are using food to try to make up for the low level of this hormone. The obvious consequence is weight gain.

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Mastalgia is the tightness, tenderness, or sharp pain in one or both breasts. When a woman's estrogen levels are low, she may have mastalgia.

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Tremors are unintentional movements in the body caused by muscle contractions and can occur due to a lack of dopamine. Most of the time, it happens in the hands. Tremors can also be a symptom of neurological disease.

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Headaches can occur due to a lack of progesterone, another hormone that can improve mood. The hormone is essential during pregnancy, so low progesterone symptoms in pregnant women can be different and controlled.

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Eat lots of sweets and other nonsense.

if you need sugar and starch for your body, then you may have low levels of serotonin. These foods increase this hormone. Your mood improves, and you feel better. But it only happens for a short time. As a result, this happiness hormone level is further reduced, and you will feel that you need these foods again.

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