13 Things Strong-Minded People Never Do

Avoid these attitudes, emotions, and actions to build character and never succumb to difficulties.

1. Waste time feeling sorry for yourself

You will never see strong-minded people complaining that the circumstances were not the best or that someone was dishonest with them. They have learned to take responsibility for their decisions and the results they get, and they are well aware that life is often unfair.

They come out of difficult situations with a clear understanding of what they did wrong and grateful for the lessons they have learned. Whenever something goes awry, they say, "Next time."

2. Letting Others Control You

Strong-minded people know that they always control their actions and emotions and will not permit outsiders to meddle in this situation - this is their strength, their advantage.

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3. Run away from change

They are not afraid of change and accept the challenges of fate with dignity. They are not afraid of the unknown. Their main fear is staying still and making no progress. They know that any change is always a chance to become better and change the world around them.

4. Spend your energy on what you cannot change

Strong-minded people don't complain about traffic jams or losing their luggage. They understand that they have no control over other people, so they don't grumble about them.

They are aware that there are times when their attitude and response are the only things they can influence.

5. Strive to be good for everyone

Do you know people who try to please everyone? Or those who are ready to put others' needs ahead of their own? None of these behaviors are correct.

A strong-minded person tries to be kind and just. He might say something that will make people happy, but he is never afraid to express his point of view genuinely. Even if he knows that his opinion can offend someone, he will still do it.

6. Be afraid of justified risk

Strong-minded people are willing to take reasonable risks. This is the complete opposite of diving in headfirst without first considering the circumstances. Strong-minded people carefully consider the risks and rewards before making a decision. They can look at the whole situation and even imagine the worst outcome.

7. Be fixated on your past

Some people struggle to let go of the past and admit that there were mistakes which cannot be corrected. But strong-minded people can do this. They know that it is useless to lament or cherish their past. Instead, they put all their energy into making their present and future better.

13 Things Strong-Minded People Never Do
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8. Make the same mistakes over and over again

If a person repeats the same actions, hoping to get the best result, it is crazy.

Strong-minded people take responsibility for their past actions and are ready to learn from their mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.

9. To envy someone else's success

Only a strong person can sincerely rejoice at someone else's success. Strong-minded people are capable of doing this. They do not envy other people's victories but work hard on themselves to become the best.

10. Give up after failure

Every failure is a chance to get better. Many prosperous people are prepared to acknowledge that their first steps towards success were not easy and frustrating. Strong-minded individuals are prepared to accept that they will have to suffer many defeats, but at the same time, they know that each failure will bring invaluable experience and they'll learn things that'll help them get closer to victory.

11. Be afraid of loneliness

Strong-minded folks understand how to appreciate solitude and its value. They use this time to think and plan. This does not mean that they avoid other people's company or do not need it at all, but they are self-sufficient: their happiness and mood are not dependent on others.

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12. To think that the world owes us something

Strong-minded people know that, despite their achievements, the world does not owe them anything: not a large salary, not a social package, not a comfortable life.

They understand: if you want to get at least something, you need to plow every day.

13. Wait for immediate results

It doesn't matter if it is training, diet, or launching a new business; initially, the strong-minded are tuned in to the fact that they have a long way to go. They are wise with their time and energy and never forget to celebrate their results at each stage. They are tough and understand that worthwhile changes come over time.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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