5 Android Apps You Should Avoid at All Costs

Never install them. And if you have them, delete them.

1. Flashlight and other flashlight programs

There are hundreds of similar flashlight apps on Google Play. And these are programs that are simply fantastic in their uselessness; now, there is a button for turning on the flash in the shutter of any Android firmware.

At best, programs like Flashlight are pointless. In the worst - they can spy on you and wash away your personal data, as these tools in their day packs stamped. Alternative. Swipe the screen with your finger from top to bottom and find the "Flashlight" button in the curtain that opens and presses it.

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2. CamScanner and other scanner programs

This application is used to take snapshots of documents and convert them to PDF. Unfortunately, it is not trustworthy; its creators were caught injecting a dropper Trojan into the program code, which could fill a smartphone with advertisements and even issue paid subscriptions without users' knowledge.

Alternative. Forget CamScanner and its many clones from little-known developers. Utilize Microsoft Office Lens and Adobe Scan. The chances that Microsoft and Adobe products will be hacked are many times less.

3. Phone Booster and similar memory cleaners

Programs running in the background take up RAM, forcing the smartphone to slow down and significantly consume battery power. Apps like RAM Booster are designed to fix this by systematically closing background processes.

Sounds great in theory, right? This may have been the case on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but a lot has flowed under the bridge since then.

On modern smartphones, Android is able to independently manage RAM and knows better when it is better to keep the program in RAM and when to unload it.

Alternative. Let the system decide which processes it needs and which it doesn't. If Android lags, uninstall a few programs that you don't use rather than download new ones.

5 Android Apps You Should Avoid at All Costs
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4. "Music Player" and other unnamed applications

It seems to you that the built-in player on your smartphone is not very good, and you run a Google Play search on the keywords "music player" or "music player." And you see a bunch of programs with the same icons called "Music Player."

Not only do some developers call their program Music Player, but they also subscribe the same way. There is only one reason: this is more likely that you will get this particular application when you search.

Alternative. The most practical method of listening to music is through numerous streaming services. However, if you'd rather keep it in the memory of your smartphone's memory the old fashioned way, pay attention to the paid PlayerPro or the free AIMP. They are better made and have a good reputation, and their names are on everyone's lips.

5. Easy Uninstaller and other uninstallers

Dozens of uninstaller programs can be found on Google Play for “uninstaller.” They are supposedly capable of deleting any unnecessary programs so that no garbage remains after them. Some also guarantee that they will erase unused apps from the smartphone manufacturer that only take up memory.

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Everything is fine; only there are a couple of inconvenient moments. First, Android can uninstall user programs by itself. And secondly, no uninstaller will remove preinstalled programs without root rights.

Alternative. If you need to delete a custom program, go to the smartphone settings and find the "Applications" item there. Select the one you want and click remove. If you want to remove the built-in programs without root-rights, use our instructions.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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