30 Useful Habits That Will Pump All Areas of Life

How to achieve goals easier, improve relationships with loved ones, and live in harmony with yourself. Liz Huber, a businesswoman, has prepared a list of the top habits that help her stay successful and productive.

But first, let's remember how to start habits and stick to them.

  • Model your habit. Don't limit yourself to running three times a week. Pick a day and time and add it to your calendar. Then stick to your chosen schedule.
  • Create a trigger. For example, an alarm clock, a calendar reminder, or a specific action (you get on a vehicle or go home). Over time, the brain will remember that a certain habit follows this.
  • Don't miss a day for three weeks. During this time, a habit loop will form. Then the action will become automatic.
  • Make habits one at a time. Don't tackle several at once. Move on to the next one only when the previous habit is strong enough.


1. If you and your partner have been together for a long time, do not forget to go on dates once a week. This is an opportunity to strengthen your bond and communicate away from your daily routine. A joint evening at home is not suitable for this.

2. Before jumping out of bed right after the alarm, spend a few minutes talking with your partner.

3. Call your parents once a week. If you forget, set yourself a calendar reminder. Or combine the conversation with some household chores.

4. Decide how much communication you need. If you're an introvert, you probably need to have dinner with a good friend once a week and spend the weekend with your family. If you are an extrovert, you will want to go out a couple of times a week and get together with a group of friends on weekends.

5. Set aside one evening a week or part of the weekend to go out with loved ones. For example, go out of town, go to a concert, or play a sports game. It strengthens the relationship.

6. Aim to socialize with five new people each week. Or ten, or one. It depends on how much you need to expand your social circle at the moment.

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Peace of mind

7. Have a morning ritual. Incorporate meditation into it to calm yourself down. And also positive visualization to set yourself up for success.

8. Make your bed in the morning. You'll see a slight increase in productivity as a result.

9. Take a few minutes a day to let go of negative thoughts, fears, and worries. Recognize them, choose a course of action, and make a plan for these actions. Don't spend time thinking like that again during the day.

10. Every day for a half-hour or an hour, disconnect from daily concerns. Go outdoors, do yoga, read a book, or hang out with loved ones.

11. Set aside time regularly for activities that energize you. For example, a conversation with an interesting person, a good movie, an interesting book, a concert, or a cup of your preferred tea.

12. Do everyday things in a new way; take a different route to work, prepare a cuisine you've never tried, brush your teeth standing on one leg. Diversity is good for the brain.

13. At the end of the week, tidy up.  Get rid of the clutter at home, on your phone, and your computer. Delete unnecessary photos, messages, and apps. The order in the environment will also help maintain order in thoughts.

14. Take notes every night. Note the things for which you are thankful. And also, throw out all the accumulated thoughts so that they do not interfere with sleep.

15. Have an evening ritual to help you relax. For example, turn off all electronic devices, shower, have a cup of tea, write in a diary, and read. Over time, such a ritual will signal the brain that it is time to go to sleep.

30 Useful Habits That Will Pump All Areas of Life
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16. Plan next week on Sunday. Then on Monday, it will be easier to get down to business. You will immediately know what to do first.

17. Get out of your comfort zone. Amazing things only occur outside of its limits.

18. In the morning, complete the most crucial task.  This is the best way to stop procrastination. No matter how difficult your case may be, it is better to deal with it right away and not delay an unpleasant moment.

19. Set aside dedicated time for mailing. This way, you will not be distracted by each new letter and will be able to focus on important things.

20. Don't forget to rest. Take pauses throughout the day, disconnect from your work on weekends, and take time off from time to time. It helps to recharge and see things differently.

21. Celebrate small victories. Slow down and remind yourself what you have accomplished. Otherwise, you will be sucked in by the routine, and you will not notice your victory.

22. Do not cheat yourself and do not get hung up on your thoughts. Take action. It is preferable to perform something imperfectly, but to the end, than strive for perfection and put it off.


23. For practical advice on personal growth, tune into podcasts. You can do this while cooking, cleaning, or on your way to work.

24. Watch documentaries, webinars, and educational videos instead of TV shows and TV shows. it also aids in relaxation; you just have to get used to it. Over time, you will begin to anticipate your daily dose of knowledge.

25. For instance, read before going to bed. It will also help you relax. Set aside additional time on the weekends for reading or listening to an audiobook.

26. Take stock of the past week. Take a few minutes on Sunday to do this. Consider what went well, what problems you faced, and what to fix next week. This is also useful if you have abandoned a habit for a few days. Think about why this happened; what needs to be changed. And start again next week.

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27. Sleep eight hours a day. Or as much as you need to get enough sleep.

28. Play sports every day. It is enough to sweat for 15 minutes. Your heart will thank you later for this.

29. Eat mindfully. Don't get distracted by other activities while eating. Do not watch TV or reply to messages. Focus on the taste of your food and enjoy every bite. After eating half of the serving, stop. Try to figure out if there is still a feeling of hunger. If not, don't finish.

30. Eat right. Give preference to fresh foods over convenience foods.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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