3 Ways To Get Rid Of a Tiring Relationship

It's wonderful to support, care for, and listen to loved ones. But it's not at all great when relationships lead to a dead-end and drown in negativity. These three simple tricks will help break the poisonous bond.

1. Visualization "Partial rope break."

Sometimes we attract a certain type of people. We have similar emotional problems; time after time, we hurt each other, and this process is endless. Gradually, we get used to this state; we even become comfortable. We know what to expect from a partner, and it's reassuring. This is how relationship dependency appears - a vicious circle.

For instance, low self-esteem draws people who constantly criticize. The critic, in turn, attracts those who can be criticized to their heart's content. The one who sees the world in black is attracted by empaths who empathize with others' pain.

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What to do? Do not hold on to brothers in misfortune. Rather, the nagging of colleagues, spouses, and friends should be used as an incentive to build confidence and heal initial trauma. You will gradually outgrow this relationship. You need not communicate with energy vampires and narcissists; survive them as poisoning; conclude, and not remember.

If it doesn't help, apply visualization. It is effective when you feel that you are too attached to someone, physically or emotionally. Imagine that you and this person are connected by a rope - an impressive beam of light. Be determined not to drag the pain and negativity along the tightrope. You remain connected with other human qualities. Every time a loved one pours out streams of negative emotions on you,  mentally break the connection between you and the other person's negative qualities. Everything, you do not accept other people's pain and hatred.

3 Ways To Get Rid Of a Tiring Relationship
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2. Visualization "Full rope break."

If the person and their emotions keep you from breathing, use a different visualization. Imagine again that a ray of light connects you. Mentally thank the person for everything they've given you in the relationship, even if the lessons were difficult. Then say firmly, "It's time to sever our ties."

Imagine taking a pair of scissors and completely cutting the light rope. You are free from energy attachments. Visualization can help you let go of the relationship and detach yourself from the absorbing energy of others.

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3. Practical technique, "Break the stick."

This is an effective way to end a tiring relationship. It will help eliminate obsessive thoughts about the person and the stress when you feel that the person is thinking about you.

Go to nature (park or forest), find a large, but not very thick stick. Take it in your hands and say: "This relationship is over." Drop the stick to the ground after breaking it in half. Go away and don't look back. This is the end of your relationship. For the sake of your well-being, learn to break unhealthy bonds, and defend against those who feed on negative emotions.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Life hacker