10 Tips for Using Accessories Harmoniously

When choosing accessories to use daily or on special occasions, we often overdo the dose and use things that are too flashy or don't match.

The ten tips below are exciting when choosing accessories, such as rings, earrings, gloves, bags, and shoes. Remembering, of course, that each person is free to wear what he wants.

Not all people match big rings.

Short fingers do not match much with large rings. In this case, the phalanx-type rings usually fall well.

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Do not hide the bulky part of the jacket behind a large scarf.

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A thinner scarf and under the sweater is much better and removes the weight and volume from the neck, leaving the face more visible.

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Colorful clothes do not match extensive accessories.

More eye-catching accessories, makeup, or clothing are beautiful as long as they are combined with good taste, as the three things together can leave the look loaded. For example, a blouse with a very bulky collar does not match giant earrings.

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Ethnic accessories combine with neutral tone clothes.

The ethnic style is wonderful and accepts the abundance of jewelry, but don't forget to balance the color balance. They look best when combined with clothes of more neutral colors, such as brown or nude.

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Avoid wearing black shoes if your look is in pastel colors.

Pastel-colored clothes look better when combined with a brown shoe, for example.

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Do not use more than three or four large accessories.

In a look, some larger accessories can be combined; however, they should not be more than three or four objects so that the look is not too loaded. The ideal is to combine these accessories in color, style, and material.

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Avoid the clock if you are going to wear a gala dress.

The wristwatch fits well in a more urban or sporty look. However, a dress worn to go to evening events and a watch is virtually incompatible.

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Choose gloves of the same color as some detail in your look.

Gloves must match harmoniously with the color of at least one detail of the look, such as shoes or belts.

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Forget the rule of choosing the bag in the same color as your shoes.

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You do not necessarily need to choose shoes and bags of the same color. It is even more beautiful to wear colorful shoes with a bag in more neutral tones, such as brown or beige.

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Use complete sets of accessories only if they are small.

They say that necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in a single set are tacky or a sign of bad taste if they are all used together. It depends on the size of the accessories so this isn't entirely accurate. A set of small accessories can give an extra charm to the look.

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Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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