12 Asian Tricks that we Could Adopt in Our Lives

Rice replaces paper glue.

Rice can be made into the glue and replace traditional paper glue.

Rice glue
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Lemon juice to keep sliced ​​apples in their natural color

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Squeeze lemon on sliced ​​apples, and you won't have to worry about the fruit darkening.

Lemon juice
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Eucalyptus oil is a universal remedy for diseases.

Eucalyptus oil is widely used in eastern countries because it helps relieve symptoms of colds, heartburn, headache, toothache, insect bites, and other health problems.

Rice compresses relieve back and neck pain.

Rice compresses are used by Orientals to relieve neck and back pain or to warm their hands. Use white rice and long socks. You need to fill them with rice, drip drops of essential oils, if you wish, and sew them. Please place in the microwave to heat the compress and then use it.

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Newspapers for cleaning windows

Cleaning the windows using newspapers is a great way to keep them clean without spending cleaning cloths. Even newspapers do not leave scratches on the glass.

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A trick that lets you know if a jeans fit or not

This trick is very common in Brazil too. In China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries, people often wrap the waistband of jeans around the neck, and if the ends meet, it is a sign that the pants will do.

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Dumpsters made of paper that would go to waste

To reuse papers that would be thrown away, it is possible to transform them into small wastebaskets. See here how to do.

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Use chopsticks (chopsticks) not to get your hands dirty.

Using chopsticks to eat some types of food is interesting to keep your hands clean and free from the smell of frying.

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Rice grains remove excess moisture from seasonings.

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If the salt or pepper, for example, gets wet and it becomes impossible to take them out of the container, put several grains of rice inside, to absorb excess moisture. You may have seen this in several restaurants.

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“Air conditioning” is made from ice bottles and a fan.

Not all residents of Asian countries have air conditioning at home, so many of them improvise and attach bottles of ice or ice water to a fan.

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Tea leaves remove odors from the refrigerator.

It is common for the refrigerator to have an unpleasant odor. Asians recommend not to throw away the tea leaves, but instead, dry them and put them in the refrigerator to absorb the unpleasant smells.

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Steam from the bathroom removes dents from your clothes without needing an iron.

If you don't have time to iron your clothes in the morning, try using the steam from the bathroom. If you leave your clothing hanging in the bathroom and leave them there while taking a shower, the steam will unmask them.

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