Tips on How to Avoid Pests in Your Garden

There are times when the gardens have pests that affect our plants' health and presentation. That is why we will teach you in this article how to avoid pests in the garden in the most natural way possible.

To achieve this, you must try to use chemical products as little as possible since they will be harmful in the long run, so we give you some useful and natural indications, ready?

Steps to follow:

Step One

Do not forget that the smartest thing is to prevent rather than cure, and the same goes for the garden. The first step is to keep the plants strong and in good conditionThis makes it more difficult for a pest to attack you.

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Step Two

Planting native plants is another option, as they are less sick and also adapt better to the garden. When we say that plants are indigenous, it does not mean that there is only one type of plant. There must be different types of native plants.

Step Three

The pests may not be apparent to the naked eye. In the same way, there are animals that we can notice as snails and slugs. The most important thing is that large pests do not reach your garden, for this you can make a barrier with ashes, for example.

Step Four

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In the previous step, we have said that snails and slugs are harmful to our garden, but other animals such as lizards, spiders, ladybugs, and a hundred-feet are beneficial. What they do is keep the garden safe. We can put some stones, some water points or nests to attract them, and in this way, they will take care of the garden.

More Tips

  • If the garden is still plagued, you have to remove the infected or dead plants.
  • Some plants are repellent of some pests, such as thyme, lavender, and chamomile.
  • There are potassium soaps to clean the plants. With this soap, you can eliminate some of the most frequent diseases.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo