How to Chase away Moles with Vinegar

Moles are mammals known to all for their ability to dig tunnels in the ground and their poor visual ability since they only distinguish between light and dark.

Having a plague of moles in the garden is not dangerous in terms of diseases or infections, but it can be a problem for the plants' growth and the garden's appearance since its tunnels can damage the roots of the plants.

If you need to scare away a plague of voles from your garden, do not miss this article. We tell you how to drive away moles with vinegar and other home remedies so that they do not suffer any damage, and you do not have to resort to chemical products.

Why do Moles Appear in the Garden?

Although the natural habitat is wooded areas, these animals have a special predilection for residential gardens, farmland or meadows, because these are areas rich in larvae and insects. Moles are insectivorous, and their diet is 80% based on earthworms. Hence they are installed in our gardens.

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It is a pest that has very rapid expansion due to its construction capacity and is that moles have the ability to build tunnels at a speed of 4 meters per hour.

Identifying its presence in the garden is not difficult since its footprints are very evident when leaving furrows or mounds in the ground.

Once you detect that there may be a plague of moles in your garden, you should take action and apply to repel moles, as these can damage the roots of plants in their path in tunnel construction.

How to Drive away moles with vinegar - Why do moles appear in the garden
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Vinegar for Moles and How to Use it

Moles do not carry diseases, so there is no need to exterminate them. It will be enough to use a method that drives them away without harming them. The most effective method to scare away moles without resorting to chemicals that damage our garden is vinegar.

It is a safe and very respectful method with the environment. To prepare a mole repellent with vinegar, you will need to use white vinegar and follow the steps below:

  • Fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and one part water.
  • Observe and identify where the grooves or mounds of dirt are in your garden.
  • Spray the molehill from the outside with the vinegar.

The product's potent odor will drive moles out of your garden. You can also use this method preventively to keep moles away from your home. You have to spray the soil around the perimeter of your garden with the vinegar to serve as a repellent.

How to get rid of moles with vinegar - Vinegar for moles and how to use it
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Other Home Remedies to Drive Away Moles

And if you are looking for other types of home remedies to scare away moles without the need to use mole traps or exterminate them, here are some options ranging from plants to scare away moles, windmills, and other homemade tricks made with ingredients. Natural. If there are too many voles in your garden, take note of these tips and put them into practice to ward off these pesky visitors.


It is a very effective remedy to keep both moles and mice out of your garden. You will only have to ferment a kilo of elderberry leaves in 10 liters of water for 3 days. After this period, strain the mixture into a carafe and water your garden with the resulting liquid.


Rue is a plant whose strong and penetrating smell is used to scare away moles. A very effective way to keep these animals out of your garden is to plant rue in every corner of your garden so that the moles cannot enter the area. If they do, the strong smell will scare them away.

Scarecrow Plant

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A plant belongs to the euphorbia family, known mainly for its ability to scare away moles. Its scientific name is euphorbia lathyrism, commonly known as the antipope plant or the scarecrow plant. It is a plant with very simple cultivation that reaches one and a half meters in height.

If voles are destroying your garden and spoiling your flowers, euphorbia lathyrism may be the solution to scare away these little invaders.

Wind Turners

Noises and vibrations are usually quite annoying to moles and other rodents. A good option to scare them away without damaging them is to place pinwheels stuck in the ground. When the wind blows and makes the blades turn, it will produce a vibration in the ground that will scare away the moles.

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