Stubborn Stains? Here Are The Steps To Remove Them

Milk stains, chocolate stains, strawberry stains, cherry stains, and bloodstains - yes, sadly, sometimes they happen too - are the most stubborn to remove, especially on delicate fabric. But don't be afraid to ruin their embroidered bibs or rompers you just bought; just follow these steps to get a clean and ready to be patched garment. Children's clothes are washed often so take care of them using specific products.

Act quickly

Are the gravy stains just landed on your little one's bib? Don't sit around and let it dry out. The first thing to do is to be ready for action to prevent the stain from staying for long on the fabric with the risk that, it will remain forever.

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Keep the size of the stain

It seems obvious, but the first thing you do when you see a stain is to rub it. In reality, it is precisely an action to avoid, especially if the fabrics are delicate like silk and organza.

To remove dirt residues without spreading the stain, it is recommended to scrape it using a hard object, such as a spoon or a small knife.

Stubborn Stains? Here Are The Steps To Remove Them
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Soak the garment

One thing is certain; there are more stubborn stains that need an extra touch before the wash cycle. So if at this moment you can't wait to find the method to remove blood stains or you are struggling because you don't know how to get the resin or glue out of your clothes, don't worry!

It is, therefore, necessary to soak the stained garment using a detergent for babies, such as Bio Presto Baby, the liquid detergent for washing machines also suitable for handwashing. It is more delicate than the usual detergents because it does not affect the skin and particularly effective against stubborn stains. In fact, to remove blood stains, you can dilute it in cold water and leave the garment to soak.

Start washing in the washing machine

You have finally reached the last step; that of putting the fateful pre-treated garment in the washing machine. To preserve the fibers of the fabrics, just wash at 30 degrees with a washing machine detergent for sensitive skin such as Bio Presto Baby, particularly delicate on children's skin and capable of removing stains, offering excellent rinsing, without leaving residues on the fabrics. In addition to the specific detergent for the baby's laundry, you can add a small dose of fabric softener to leave the garment softer and more fragrant.

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Make a final check

Finally, it's time to enjoy the result and dry your clothes as you usually do while avoiding exposing them too much to the sun so as not to risk yellowing. If, on the other hand, the stains persist, the advice is to repeat the procedure by soaking the garment again and, above all, to avoid the dryer because it could fix the stain even more.

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