How To Survive An Isolation: 4 Tips From An Astronaut

Experienced ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield spent 166 days in self-isolation and shared his experience with people who were in-home quarantine.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has caused a global epidemic that has forced many to go home for forced quarantine to practice social distancing. Naturally, people began to think about how they can stay at home in isolation, stay sane, and achieve their goals. To help us deal with this problem, former astronaut Chris Hadfield shared tips on how he survived in orbit in an enclosed space in complete isolation.

Hadfield has a lot of experience. He was the International Space Station commander and spent 166 days in space, doing scientific work and experimentation in cramped conditions with limited social contact.

“I spent a lot of time in self-isolation aboard the spacecraft. It is a hazardous environment and extremely lonely. Yet we found ways to work productively away from our normal life,” says Chris Hadfield.

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How To Survive An Isolation: 4 Tips From An Astronaut
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He offered four tips for those currently in self-isolation.

  1. Assess the real risks. Hadfield explains that fear and panic won't help. Self-control and critical thinking are required. People should look for reliable sources to know the real level of risk they face based on their specific situation. In this case, identify the dangers associated with the coronavirus.

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  1. Look at your limitations. In addition to the need to distance yourself from others, and keep your personal hygiene and protection from contamination safe, consider factors such as financial resources, provisions, and your commitments.
  2. Set yourself a specific goal. Hadfield encouraged people to choose a mission or think about their goals and decide what they hope to achieve and what they want to do.
  3. Take action! When you know what you want to achieve and how limited you are, you can take action; take care of family members, improve yourself, learn languages, read, take up your favorite hobbies, complete long-neglected tasks, in general, be distracted by any other activity.

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