How to Remove Lint from Clothes

The way we wash our garments our clothes and use them can lead to fluff, which shows wear and tear. If we want to keep all the garments in perfect condition and always look impeccable, it is necessary to pay attention to how we take care of them and, above all, to the appropriate wash cycle. With a few simple tips, it is possible to remove lint from clothes, and we will show you in this article.

Although there are techniques and home remedies to remove lint from clothes, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the method used to washing. Because if we follow a few simple tips, it is possible to avoid the formation of lint to a great extent.

  • Respect the washing cycles, the water temperature, and the care indicated on the label of each of the garments.
  • Sort your clothes before you wash them. It is essential to separate the different types of fabric and not to wash cotton clothes, such as towels, for example, with synthetic materials.
  • Check the pockets of your clothes before you wash them to make sure there are no papers or tissues that could form lint.
  • Cleaning the filters in the washer and dryer after each wash cycle is also a measure that helps prevent lint from forming on clothes.

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If you follow these recommendations and check that an item of clothing has lint after washing it, you can use some of the following methods. The first is to clean the garment again with cold water and only with a little fabric softener. You can also add a cup of white vinegar in the cycle of the washing machine because, in addition to helping to clean it, it keeps it free of lint and static electricity. Shake the garment while it is still damp and allow it to air dry.

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On the market, we find devices specially designed to remove lint from clothes such as classic brushes or lint traps or small electronic vacuum cleaners. To use them, you have to repeatedly pass them over the surface of the garments and remove those unsightly particles. In the case of vacuum cleaners, especially, it is essential to clean them at the end and remove the lint accumulated in the machine.

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A homemade solution that can also be effective is to remove lint from clothing with adhesive tape. However, it is not the most recommended technique for delicate garments and fabrics such as velvet, suede, or wool. You have to wrap your fingers with a bit of tape with the sticky side facing out to press and pass it over the areas of the garment that contain lint.

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The pumice stone that we use as an aesthetic tool to remove dead skin from the feet, roughness, and calluses can also remove lint from our clothes. Try to pass the pumice stone through the areas with lint, exerting slight pressure and always gently so as not to damage the fabric.

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