How To Quickly Chill Wine: Top 5 Ways

There are several ways to cool wine; different amounts of time and effort are required for each of them. Want to drink some wine but don't have the patience to wait for Chardonnay's bottle in the refrigerator to reach your desired temperature? Fortunately, you don't have to. Here are five ways to chill a bottle of wine in 20 minutes.

Just add salt

You probably know that putting a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice and cold water will cool the drink faster. But are you aware that adding salt to this mixture will further speed up the cooling time? Because salt lowers water's freezing point, it can get colder without turning to ice, which cools the wine faster.

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Twirl the bottle

After placing the container in a mixture of water, ice and salt, change its position every few minutes. This will cool the wine more evenly. Remember that this approach is not recommended for sparkling wines and champagne.

How To Quickly Chill Wine: Top 5 Ways
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Use dry ice

With it, you can chill your wine in a few minutes. Put on heavy cloth or leather gloves, put ice and a bottle of wine in a sealed bag for a couple of minutes, then take out the wine.

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Wrap the bottle in a towel

If you put the wine in the freezer, it will cool quickly enough. But to speed up the process, wrap the bottle in a wet towel.

Chill the wine in batches

Pour wine into glasses and place them in the refrigerator or freezer. This will reduce the temperature of the drink in just a few minutes.

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