What Is The Difference Between Champagne And Prosecco?

There is always a good reason to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne throughout the year.. Of course, not all sparkling wines are classified as champagne - and that's just the beginning of the confusing terminology. To help you choose the right bottle of sparkling drink, We have put together a guide to help you distinguish doo from crus.

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What Is The Difference Between Champagne And Prosecco?
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  • Sparkling Wine: A generic term that is used to refer to any sparkling wine with no particular regional affiliation.
  • Champagne: A sparkling wine produced in the French region of the same name. The definition of "Champagne" was protected by the Treaty of Versailles, but since some countries have never officially signed it, many manufacturers also use the term "Champagne."
  • Cava: This Spanish sparkling wine was named after the cellars in which it is produced.
  • Prosecco: A sparkling wine produced in Italy, mainly in the Veneto region.
  • Brut: Dry sparkling wine, the most common.
  • Extra Brut: The driest of the dry. It is also called "brut savage."
  • Very dry:  This is a cross between a sweet and dry sparkling wine. Not to be confused with "extra brut."
  • Demi-Sec: A little sweeter than Sec, but not as sweet as Doo.

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  • Doo: Lovely sparkling, usually served as a dessert.
  • Sec: Semi-sweet sparkling wine.
  • Nonvintage: sparkling wine made from a mixture of perennial grape varieties. It is designated by the abbreviation "NV."
  • Vintage: A sparkling wine made from a particular vintage.
  • Grand Cru: the highest quality vineyard wine.
  • Cuvée: A somewhat misleading term indicates that the bottle comes from a mixture of wines often kept secret by the winemaker.

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