How to Preserve Tangerines

Tangerines, about 3 inches in diameter, are sweet, seedless, and available during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. Like other citrus fruits,  mandarins reach maturity and decay the moment they are picked.
To enjoy clementines for as long as possible, care is required in storage. With just a little attention to detail, mandarins can stay fresh and juicy for up to two weeks.

Tips on How to Preserve Tangerines

Prepare tangerines for storage by removing their original packaging and checking for signs of mold and decay. Also, pay attention to brown spots. This discoloration indicates deterioration that forms under the skin. Discard tangerines if they are too soft as they may contain mold.

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Store the oranges at room temperature, if desired. Tangerines will stay fresh and juicy for up to a week at room temperature. The optimum storage temperature for mandarins is 8 to 12ºC. As a result, it's critical to keep them out of hot spots and direct sunlight.

preserving tangerines
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Keep the tangerines in a ventilated container. If you leave the oranges at room temperature or in the refrigerator, choose a storage container that allows air to circulate around them. Keeping mandarins in a mesh bag with a bowl that is open on the sides will help prevent mold and allow them to stay fresh longer than otherwise.

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Keep the oranges in the refrigerator if you like. You can enjoy refrigerated mandarins for up to two weeks. To make sure they maintain maximum freshness, store them in the fridge or a cool, dry area.

  • If you squeeze the juice from the tangerines, use the juice within 48 hours.
  • If you want to wash tangerines, do so before eating and not before storing, because too much water can promote mold.

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