How to Preserve Cheese

Cheese has limited conservation and, if not taken within a short time, it can start to crumble down. However, some effective preservation techniques allow us to keep cheeses in perfect condition for longer. If you bought lots of cheese and probably worried that it will spoil if you don't eat it, don't worry. You have to follow these easy guidelines. Keep reading this article and discover how to preserve your cheese.

The ways of preservation vary depending on the type of cheese. The fresh cheeses take less time to start, and therefore, we must pay attention to how we preserve them. Once opened and removed from their packaging, we must put them in a lunch box or any container with a lid. Also, put four layers of absorbent paper at the bottom, such as kitchen paper, to absorb the liquid that the cheese will release. Change the paper every day to avoid foul odors.

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The soft cheeses that come in containers or boxes, such as Camembert, are better preserved in their original packaging. So, do not throw it away. Once opened, cover the cut part with transparent plastic wrap, store the cheese in its box and leave it in the fridge.

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The soft cheeses that do not come in boxes or containers with closure should be kept separately. Place the soft cheese on a tray and cover it completely with clear plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Generally, these cheeses tend to have a relatively strong odor that can permeate the entire fridge. To avoid this, place the plasticized tray in a container with a lid.

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The hard or semi-hard cheeses, regardless of whether they are tender, cured, or semi-cured, must be kept wrapped in plastic. You should not cover all the cheese; you will only have to cover the cut part with the transparent paper. If you wrap it completely, the cheese will not be able to breathe. Store them in the lowest part of the fridge or a drawer, away from the freezer.

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Soft cheeses require a temperature between 3º and -7ºC to be kept in perfect condition, while hard cheeses need between 7º and 12ºC. That is why the latter should be kept in the lowest part of the fridge, away from the freezer, where the temperature is higher.

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Another way to preserve cured and semi-cured cheeses is in virgin olive oil. Fill a container with olive oil, keep the cheese inside, and, if you like, add aromatic herbs such as thyme, bay leaf, or rosemary.

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The cheeses must be at room temperature to maintain their texture and flavor, so remove them from the refrigerator 1 hour before consuming them. The cut part may have a light layer of mold if it's been long enough or has hardened, don't worry about it, just cut it off. The rest will be in perfect condition.

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The quasars are not hard, the best way to preserve any cheese. But it is an expensive method, and not everyone can buy one. Therefore, we recommend that you use the above techniques and keep your cheeses for longer. Of course, don't forget to check the expiration date to consume them within the term.

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