How To Make Your Morning Enjoyable: Top 5 Healthy Morning Habits

Mornings are not always pleasant due to lack of sleep, feeling unwell, or simply being in a bad mood. But it is important to start the day well so that later the whole day will pass like that. Here are the top 5 useful morning rituals, which can make your morning nicer.

1. Ear massage

Auricle massage will help the body to wake up completely. It can be done early in the morning while still in bed. Exposure to the sensitive areas of the ear has a positive effect on well-being and invigorates. Adopt a couple of techniques, especially since it's not difficult at all.

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2. A glass of warm water with lemon

There are a dozen reasons to substitute coffee on an empty stomach for warm water with lemon. Perhaps, the main thing is that such a drink improves the digestive system, liver, and intestines, removes toxins from the body, and strengthens the immune system - in general, the benefits in its pure form.

Simultaneously, it is unnecessary to squeeze out a whole lemon; a quarter will be enough for one dose. It is advisable to break between drinking a lemon drink and breakfast in 20-30 minutes. But don't forget to check with your doctor if it's okay to take acidic foods on an empty stomach.

How To Make Your Morning Enjoyable: Top 5 Healthy Morning Habits
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3. Cleaning the tongue

We know that you need to brush your teeth twice a day since childhood. But you should not limit yourself to this; a huge amount of bacteria also collects on the tongue, which contributes to the appearance of unpleasant odor, plaque, caries, and gum disease.

A regular toothbrush can be used to cleanse the tongue. Just do not press hard to avoid damaging the back of your tongue.

4. A spoonful of honey

Honey energizes in the morning, stimulates memory and performance, cures coughs, and relieves allergy symptoms. Therefore, starting your day with one teaspoon of honey is undeniably a great solution.

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At the same time, experts recommend doing this 10-15 minutes before breakfast, and there is fresh and natural honey. If nevertheless, pure honey seems to you too cloying, you can dilute it in a glass of water - the effect will be the same.

5. Rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution

You can complete your morning routine by rinsing your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution. There is nothing extreme in this; it is enough to correctly observe the proportions: 5-7 drops of a 3% solution per 50 ml of water.

It is important to add peroxide to the water, not vice versa. This habit will help in whitening teeth, eliminating bad breath, and treating and preventing gum disease.

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