How To Make Homemade Grape Wine

Not sure how to make homemade grape wine? To do this, you need to remove the berries from the bunches, crush them and pour the resulting juice into glass bottles. There it must ferment for several months.

It is advisable to collect grapes for making wine after the morning dew has melted, but not on a hot day. If it rained, you would need to wait two or three days. Otherwise, the wine will turn out to be less sugary. The grapes must be ripe but not rotten.

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Homemade grape wine

How To Make Homemade Grape Wine
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Cooking time

  • 2-4 months


  • Fresh grapes - 5 kg
  • Sugar - 3 kg
  • Boiled water - 12 l

Cooking method

  1. Carefully select the grapes, separating them from the twigs, and then crush immediately (for this, you can use a regular potato press). Moreover, you need to press carefully so that each grape bursts.
  2. After this is done, strain the resulting juice and pour it into glass bottles. You need to fill it not to the brim, but about two-thirds.
  3. Close the bottles with a plastic cap, in which you need to make a hole in advance and insert a tube. Blow out the tubes and lower them into containers with water. To prevent air from passing through the bottle, seal the lids along the edge with plasticine or wax.
  4. Then put the bottles in the cellar for 2-3 months, where the temperature will be maintained at about +5 ° С. If this is not possible, and the bottles are in a warmer place, they should be filled no more than half. During this time, it is necessary to check the future wine condition regularly: the water into which the tubes will be lowered should gurgle slightly, and it should also be changed periodically.
  5. After 2-3 months, you will have 12 liters of dry house wine. If you want a sweeter drink, you need to bottle it into larger containers. This should be done carefully, trying not to shake the drink. Make sure that the cloudy sediment remains at the bottom.
  6. For each liter of wine, add 100-150g of sugar and stir thoroughly until it dissolves. You need to add sugar little by little to understand what taste of the wine you like best.

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How to store homemade wine

Wash the bottles in which it was before, dry them, and pour the wine back. Cork in the same way and leave for another month, after which you will get a sweet (or semi-sweet, depending on how much sugar you added) wine.

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