Top 10 Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol

Have you read that cholesterol is hazardous to health? Did you know that two types of cholesterol coexist in our bodies? This food not only normalizes the level of bad cholesterol but also supports the heart and blood vessels.

Together with nutritionist Alena Chernikova, we have collected for you foods that effectively lower bad cholesterol.

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Salad, spinach

It's all about potassium, which is abundant in lettuce and spinach. Potassium enhances the functioning of the cardiovascular system, vitamins A and C prevent the accumulation of cholesterol.

Fish, seafood, cod liver

It's about omega-3 acids. They increase the arteries' elasticity, reduce blood pressure, stabilize the heart rate, and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol—especially high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in cod liver.


Legumes have a low glycemic index (slow to digest). When we eat legumes instead of meat, we reduce the intake of animal fat into the body. Hence - and the effect of lowering LDL - bad cholesterol, which is abundant in fatty meats and dairy products.

Top 10 Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol
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All because of the pectin, which is enough in citrus fruits. In this case, grapefruit should be eaten with a white film.


Yes, they are high in calories. But, at the same time, nuts contribute to weight loss and normalize blood cholesterol levels. The beneficial properties of walnuts are associated with the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in them.


Here are the real bad cholesterol sorters. Apples reduce its level by 15-20%. This is because the fruit contains a large amount of unique plant fiber.

Olive oil

The presence of many monounsaturated acids (oleic, Omega-3, Omega-6) significantly reduces the level of bad cholesterol. It maintains the level of good cholesterol in the blood at the desired level.

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Dark chocolate

There are many heart-healthy flavonoids in dark chocolate. Moderate consumption of dark chocolate improves blood lipid balance.


Yes, just 2 carrots a day can help lower cholesterol levels by 10-20%. This is due to its high pectin content.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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