How to Make a Spider Web for Halloween

The cobwebs are one of the main decorative motifs of the festival of Halloween, with pumpkins. In such a way that if you want to decorate your home for this day, you cannot miss the cobwebs and the occasional spider (plastic, of course!)

If you have children at home, they can also help you make cobwebs because it is a straightforward craft. In this article, we will explain step by step how to make a Halloween Spider Web.

You will need:

Step One

We start this Halloween craft by drawing a spider web on a smooth surface, as large as you want the final result. You can do it with a marker, a pencil, or a pen. It does not matter since what we will take advantage of is the glue. Keep reading!

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Step Two

Once we have the spider web drawn on any paper or cardboard, we will have to trace the lines we have drawn with white glue. For the layout to remain in good condition,  we recommend that you use the same glue dispenser or, if you prefer, do it with a brush. What we are looking for is that the result is as fine and outlined as possible.

How to make a spider web for Halloween - Step 5
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Step Three

The next step is to let the Halloween craft dry overnight or, if you have time for it, leave it throughout the day, in this way you ensure a much more compact and ideal result to decorate your home on October 31 of a super original mode.

Step Four

After this time, you will have to take off the tail very carefully, ensuring that the cobweb's threads do not break. You can do this with your own hands or, if you prefer, you can do it with tweezers. When you finish taking off the cardboard or folio glue, you will see how the result is a very realistic spider web and perfect for Halloween.

Step Five

To achieve a much more surprising effect, we recommend that in addition to placing the Halloween spider web in the corner of your house, you add some spider to it and, thus, you will give it a much more realistic touch. Use different crafts such as cardboard spiders or spiders with coffee capsules.

Step Six

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As you can see, the result will be great in any space in your house, but if you want to make your guests scared, you can place them in areas such as the bathroom, under the table, in the kitchen, and so on. They are spaces where they surely do not expect to find anything, and when they see your spider web, they will hallucinate!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo