Audiobooks. 7 Good Reasons Why You Need Them

Books tell stories that put the author in contact with the reader, or the listener, creating that magic and that red thread that transforms us; we all need it to live. Printed books are wonderful, but we can also use audiobooks, audio recordings of books read aloud, which can, in some cases, replace or enrich the offer of readings on paper. In Italy, it took a while for the "novelty" to settle down compared to the United States, but now it seems to have taken hold, especially among young people. Here are 7 good reasons why you should choose them.

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1) They train the mind and strengthen the ability to concentrate by involving and unleashing the imagination.

2) They are always available thanks to tablets and smartphones.

3) They are useful when traveling when we have children in tow. Little ones get impatient easily, and following a fairy tale or a good story can help them pass time.

Audiobooks. 7 Good Reasons Why You Need Them
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4) They are an alternative to those with vision problems or other types of handicap and those who need to relax after a day in front of the PC.

5) They are useful for multiplying the opportunities to read; it is possible to make the most of the time available (in the car, at the bus stop, in the waiting room at the doctor) if you have to read in large quantities for work, or for "reading" and doing another activity at the same time (cooking, jogging).

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6) They offer the opportunity to know or reread the great classics, and not only, for free thanks to the podcasts made available online. It can be the first step to get closer to the world of spoken books before making a subscription to streaming on paid platforms that still allow you to listen to extracts from novels and short stories, and take a free trial ranging from 15 to 30 days.

7) They are a possible solution to bring non-readers to reading.

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