How to Decorate for Halloween

One of the most popular Halloween night traditions is to decorate the home with monstrous, spooky, and terrifying decorations. More and more people tend to make their own decorations with recycled materials and obtain cheaper and original decorations.

Also, most of them are suitable for children, so it is a perfect reason to have fun with the little ones in the house. Keep reading this article, discover how to make decorations for Halloween, and surprise all your guests with these original ideas.

Halloween Decorations: Candle Holders

To give your house a spooky, dark, and terrifying look, forget about electric lighting and opt for candles, a timeless classic that must be included in your Halloween decor. To do this, we suggest you make different candle holders with materials that we all tend to have in our home, plastic bottles, and oranges.

How to make Halloween decorations - Halloween decorations: candle holders
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Halloween Decorations With Coffee Capsules

If you have a Nespresso capsule coffee maker or similar, you can make effortless and fast decorations that children will love and will allow you to fill your house with bats, spiders, and small pumpkins at a meager cost.

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If you want to make a complete decoration, these animals, so linked to Halloween night, cannot be missing in your house and bedrooms' living room. Don't miss our bats, spiders, and pumpkins articles with coffee pods and find the best places to hang them.

How to make Halloween decorations - Halloween decorations with coffee pods
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Halloween Decorations: Candy

The sweets are other of the most anticipated and praised protagonists of tonight, as children dress up to go out on the street and go house to house expecting to receive mountains of them. An enjoyable and original way to provide them is through terrifying sweets.

Do you want to know how to make them? Here are two straightforward ideas that will decorate your home and delight children: ghost candy boxes with toilet paper tubes and mummy candy boxes with glass jars. 

How to make Halloween decorations - Halloween decorations: candy
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Halloween Decorations: Spider Web

What would Halloween decoration be without a spider web? This is one of the most significant elements of tonight that cannot be missing in the corners of your house if you want to surprise and spread panic among your guests.

To make them, you have several very inexpensive options, use black thread, stripe cotton, and place the strips in all the rooms, or with fabric or paper following the instructions that we propose. Check out the following article to find out how to make a spider web quickly and easily. Remember to glue the spiders you made with egg cups or coffee capsules to the cobwebs.

How to make Halloween decorations - Halloween decorations: spider web
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Halloween Decorations: Pumpkin

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Finally, the most characteristic decoration of this holiday could not be missing, the monstrous pumpkin. Would you like to know how to empty and cut them to make the classic pumpkin candle holders?

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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