How to Make Up for Halloween

Makeup is one of the most important elements in Halloween costumes, and of course, you can always go to a store and buy everything you need ready to go, but part of the fun is putting on your own makeup and using your creativity to make it more fun.

If you already have your idea to dress up and are looking for a tutorial on how to make up for Halloween, we give you some options taking into account the most popular costumes if you want, you can also see how to comb your hair for Halloween at home.

Step one

They are never missing on Halloween. If you have chosen to revive the classic vampire, then you can use this guide to learn how to make up like Dracula

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Step Two

The undead would terrify anyone. To look like them, you will only need face painting the light green tone, brown eyeshadow, makeup pencil can be for eyes or mouth color lilac and black color, colorless jelly, red paint, a sponge, and a makeup brush. Follow the instructions in this video to look like a Zombie

Step Three

Halloween is the perfect date to bring out the witch in you. If you already have the costume and you only need your face, then get ready to remove all your makeup, especially your eyeshadow kit, and follow this video in detail in the one that you will look like a witch very similar to Snow White's

Halloween makeup
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Step Four

When the costume involves scars or burns, many decide to put it aside because of how difficult it can be to reproduce the makeup, but here we show you a video that you can follow. You only need liquid latex or white glue, toilet paper, eyebrow tweezers, shadows of colors, black paint for the face.

With blood, you can make with honey, cocoa powder, and red dye. It seems difficult, but it is straightforward, and the result is an incredible scar or burn.

Step Five

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And if you still have no idea what to dress up for this Halloween, then we give you some good ideas such as the exorcist's girl, Jason Vorhees, the Ku Klux Klan, or the Joker from Batman, the Knight of Darkness. Luck!

More Tips

  • To recreate good makeup, you don't need much; with a complete kit that women usually have and the occasional face paint, you will get what you want
  • Remember to have fun during the process, take photos, and why not? create your own tutorial

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo