How To Increase Stamina: 5 Tips For Novice Runners

Endurance is not a superpower but a quality that can be developed. We tell you how to change your diet and workouts to achieve good results in this article. Read on!

1. Drink coffee or tea

A morning cup of coffee or tea doesn't just help you wake up and get down to your work. It's also a great way to add energy to your workout! Studies have shown that one cup of coffee or any other caffeine-containing beverage (1-5 mg of caffeine per 1 kg of weight) can improve your performance during exercise. You will be a little faster, stronger, and more resilient. And it makes no difference whether you are an enthusiastic coffee lover or just decided to experiment.

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2. Alternate intense and calm workouts

If you want to increase your stamina, try to alternate workouts with long-running at a slow pace. Start with 40-minute jogging and gradually increase the time during the week to one hour.

3. Eat right

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling powerless when training. You feel weak and realize that you do not have the strength to finish the class. To prevent this from happening, you need to fill your energy tanks with the right fuel. Foods with lots of complex carbohydrates are great for snacking before exercise; they will gradually split and give you the energy you need. Eat them two hours before class.

If you can't eat, don't exercise on an empty stomach - snack on foods rich in fast carbs, such as energy bars.

How To Increase Stamina: 5 Tips For Novice Runners
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4. Don't forget about strength training

If you want to run fast and without injuries, include yoga and strength training in your schedule. The latter will help to form strong muscles, while only running training can even destroy them. If you don't eat well and don't replenish your energy during long runs, the body can switch to muscle searching for a food source.

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5. Run up the hill

The development of endurance will be useful to add to your activities running on hills or a treadmill with a slope. After a month of training, you will be surprised how much easier it has become for you to run on a flat surface.

And finally, a few more short tips. Work on your weaknesses and add some music to your workouts. And, of course, remember that anything in moderation is excellent! Do not hurry and try to jump above the head. You will definitely achieve your goal. Just remember that the rush can result in injuries and unnecessary spending on medical services.

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